Our Family’s Fall Time Bucket List

Fall is finally approaching our corner of the Midwest and we are already enjoying every sunny yet perfectly chilled day, changing leaves, and blossoming golden rod. Now that I don’t break into a soggy, soaking sweat each time I step outside, Uriah and I have been enjoying one mile walks to our down town center. We’ve had the best of times.

As wonderful as fall is we’re enjoying an even greater blessing, Uriah’s good health. With no sickness hanging around I’m planning a few fun fall-themed activities. After all, this will be the first fall he is well enough to enjoy! 🙂

With a little bit of planning I think we can conquer the bucket list I made above. Since traveling with Uriah currently means traveling with several pieces of equipment and requires two drivers at all times I want to keep things simple to avoid burnout and frustration. I’ll also be following this cute tutorial for the hand print banner! 

Of course, Uriah won’t be able to do all these things; he’s not old enough or ready to drink hot chocolate. But he can watch Momma mix the drinks up, play with marshmallows, and smell the spices that are required for all the deliciousness. And playing in a creek merely means dipping his toes into the running water since full swimming is a little out of his league. But that’s the beauty of this list; it is adaptable and flexible to your own special family and needs.

Follow this Dropbox link and download your own adorable Fall Favorite (free!) printable. 🙂

With love, blessings, and coffee,


2 thoughts on “Our Family’s Fall Time Bucket List

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      Hello, Miss Barbara!

      It is SO good to hear from you. Thank you fr being such a faithful, sweet friend in my absence! And thank you for your encouragement; it is so fun having Uriah home with us and being able to plan for these fall fun times.

      I hope you are well. I hope I can catch up with you and your blog soon!

      Love and blessings!


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