5 Ways to make Fall *Fall* Sooner


Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and
if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

 –George Eliot

has gently crept upon us here at Copperhead Ridge, our home’s temporary name.
The weather is slowly cooling and we have been blessed by a few days of rain. (I
think I’ve seen various stoic farmers throw their dusty hats in the air and
dance a little jig . . . or maybe that was just a windblown scarecrow? Hmm . .

 Despite all my yearnings and wishings, it isn’t
quite autumn yet . . . a very hard
fact for my heart to take in. I’m used to Alaskan falls; by August the weather
is dipping down into the 40’s and the Birches begin to turn yellow. By
September we could have snow.

to see strong, green leaves and to experience weather in the 80’s is a
difficult experience for a girl who loves all things fall and winter related.
(Newsflash: Christmas day is only  3 months and 23 days away)

order to fight off my summertime blues and encourage the foliage to change
quickly I’ve made a list of autumn time activities which I hope to complete. (Do
you think Mr. Frost will see my earnestness and come earlier?)

List for Making Fall *Fall * Sooner

1.      Begin Fall Cleaning: A time of mopping, organizing,
wiping, and dusting. This also involves the pulling out of autumnal décor such
as maple leaf garlands, a variety of scarecrows, and the scattering of hard, warty

2.      Attack Homework, manfully: Typically, this word
is associated with various guttural sounds such as uhhs and umfs and
furrowed brows. However, this term
is, in all truthfulness, a sign of great blessing—homework = school = kind
parents who bless. 

3.      Bake: Exactly what it says! Spend time baking
yummy fall items such as Frosted Zucchini Cookies, Chocolate Chip Apple Sauce Cake (subsitute canned pumpkin, yummy!), and on especially
cool nights, hot chocolate.
4.      Wear Sweaters: Nothing will encourage Mr. Jack
Frost to make his entry faster than watching various (ahem, silly) girls dawn
sweaters, especially green, purple, and orange colored ones.

*Dawning one’s knee socks will also
encourage Mr. Frost; however, one should remember that he or she may be thought
absurd by the summer-loving, flip-flop wearing public.

5.      Light, Listen, Snuggle: As in: light pumpkin
candles, turn on Christmas music, and snuggle into one’s sofa with a source of
good literature.
*Need a few suggestions? Wind in the Willows, Bud, not Buddy, and
Jonathan Edwards Sermons all make for
excellent moments of reading.


five items are quite simple and thoroughly enjoyable! Although I am sure one
silly, Missouri girl’s (sincerest) efforts will not bring fall about earlier, I
am certain they will produce full days and happy moments.
does your family do to prepare for autumn? I’d love to hear about it!
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With warmest wishes,

One thought on “5 Ways to make Fall *Fall* Sooner

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    Autumn is probably my favorite season. Ok, not 'probably'. It IS! 🙂 I guess Spring might've been my favorite, but it's so windy around here during that season that Fall is so much more lovely. The air just because so fresh and crisp, and the chilly air and warm sun fill me with happiness. I sometimes get giddy just stepping outside! Putting on sweaters and warm, adorable hats are definitely a must. So, as you might imagine, I'd absolutely LOVE for Fall to come… yet, being a ranchers daughter, I'm praying that it doesn't come before some more rain. Otherwise we won't have any grass for the cows to eat during the winter. :/ Rather a problem when your wishes and 'know how' don't go in the same direction… 😉
    I do love your list, though! 😉 But, I will admit that I like my flip flops too much to start wearing my knee highs… yet! 😉
    I pray you are having a blessed day, Frannie!

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