7 + Reasons You Need Gal Pals

7 Reasons You Need to Make Friends

Welcome, sweet people! Settle in for a few minutes of hilarious, truthful admissions as I share, from my little, awkward heart, on the authentic beauty friendship brings.

But first you need my back story.

 Building friendships has been one of those tricky skills I’ve struggled to perfect. My introverted, easily persuaded, frightfully “what-if” personality has made reaching out and building genuine relationships difficult over the years … resulting in a lot of self-made loneliness, self-consciousness and pity parties.

After years of feeling misunderstood, forgotten and lonely, I all but gave up growing new relationships. I invested my whole heart in the few, beloved people I allowed in, mainly my wonderful family. Thankfully, 2015 pushed me forward.

(Getting married, moving from family, church hunting, beginning a new job and living in a new city does strange things to people …) 😉

And while I reserve the best friend slot for my Darling Man I’ve grown to appreciate the unique beauty and fun friendship other women bring.

Because …

Sometimes you need someone to who understands crying over the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (sniff, sniff)

Cookie dough raids are better with women who are okay with you eating vast amounts of sugar … and then who sympathize about your extra poundage and acne without pointing a finger

Shopping Black Friday is more fun when you have an equally thrifty/crazy/sleep-deprived gal pal

Sometimes you just need a feminine friend to gush over your latest diy, décor victory (or rescuing Hobby Lobby clearance items and refurbishing them to glory)

Coffee shops are better frequented with someone who can talk marriage, blogs, and church history all in one day

Women friends will probably be okay with exchanging gifts in the same gift bag for years and years … just because its fun

Who else is going surprise you with wedding magazines, antique doilies, adorable plants, and peppermint lattes?

I could go on and on but, in truth, I’ve learned much from the women who I’ve grown in friendship with over the last two years. I’ve learned to be more authentic, brave and accepting.

I’ve learned that being who I was made to be requires me to be okay with reaching out, in all my awkward glory, and loving others. And I’m so thankful for the women who have taught me that.

How do you build relationships with other women? Has your personality (introverted or extraverted) impacted how you reach out? What has challenged you most when making friends?

Blessings, love and coffee to all you beautiful souls!


3 thoughts on “7 + Reasons You Need Gal Pals

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    Ooo, now this is a topic I love to discuss – I am as introverted as the day is long, but over the years I have acquired a small circle of incredible godly women (and a couple of unbelieving women who are still rich in earthly wisdom) who were patient enough to gently chisel their way into my shy heart; and I don’t know what I would do without these women in my life. They are the ones to whom I know I can bring my deepest thoughts and feelings and know that they will be held with gentle hands, but I also know that they love me enough to tell me when I’m wrong, or being stupid, or needing to change. They are almost as dear to me as my own sisters. Men are wonderful in their own way, don’t get me wrong, but you are absolutely right – there’s nothing like the understanding hug of a dear sister, or squealing over a pretty dress or cute baby, or cooking and laughing and comparing our favorite actors and singers together. I love my girls so much!! 🙂

    (And I still will never give up hope that one day you and I can meet face-to-face and share our friendship over a REAL cup of coffee!)

    Love to you, my dear! I’m so glad you’re experiencing blessings and joy as spring slowly approaches!

    ~ Vicki

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    I whole heartedly agree. There is nothing like a company of a gal pal. Although, I have never really had a long lasting gal friend. Being shy and introverted has made that an unfortunate challenge. And the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME I have become close friends with someone, they move cross country… 🙁

    Have a wonderfully warm, March day!

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    I am a pretty extroverted person, and I’ve been blessed to have many friends in my life. But there are a few special friends who I have connected with in a deeper way right from the start. Friends who I can be myself around and share my heart with. Who make me happy just by being around them. Who teach me and help me grow as a person. Those friendships are extra precious blessings and YOU are one of those friends! I will always thank God for bringing you into my life and for your wonderful friendship! 🙂

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