8 Days Old and So Adorable

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We’re pretty crazy about this Uriah Boy. He’s such a special addition to our family and I am in awe at the gift God has given! (Aren’t these pictures so fun!? Someone sweet took them and left them by Uriah’s bed; they’re so much better than my phone pictures!)

Uriah’s TE Fistula surgery went well yesterday. It was a tense day for Mommy as the surgery was considered high risk due to his breathing patterns and young age. But God carried us through! The surgeon was very pleased with the results and we’re hoping that after a few tests are down (to make sure there are no leaks) that Uriah will be finally able to eat real food! (He’s been on a nutritional IV formula so far).

I’m excited because his recovery means we are taking steps to getting rid of the ventilator. I’m thankful for the extra help but the plastic tubes naturally make mucus which can cause breathing problems!

We are extra thankful because Uriah’s blood tests are have been improving. His CO2 levels after the surgery were dangerously high and have taken several hours to lower. But today they appeared much better! He’s also being treated for pneumonia (although it is only a suspicion that he has it) because some of his tummy acid was found in his trachea during the surgery. (This happened because of the TE Fistula). Hopefully, he will avoid a full blown infection!

Today I am thankful because I got to kiss my sweet little boy for the first time! My c-section incision has been healing wonderfully but I haven’t been able to bend. Today I was able to bend forward without pain and it was so sweet being able to kiss my son for the first time. Also, we got into the Ronald McDonald House today! It’s so nice to have a permanent place to call home till Uriah is discharged (we’re hoping around his original due date in January).

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day reading books to Uriah. He’s still pretty sleepy from his surgery but that doesn’t matter! It will still be special to read and let him hear my voice.

Thank you all for your prayers. We SO appreciate them!! God is carrying all of us through — Thank You, LORD, for being such a good Savior and Maker!!

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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8 Days Old and So Adorable

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    Oh Frannie, what adorable pictures of Uriah! He is SO precious!!! 😊💖😊 I thank God that his surgery went well and that he is doing good and getting the best care. And you got to kiss him! 💖💖 My heart and prayers and thoughts are with all of you every single day! Thank you so much for being so good about keeping everyone posted on how Uriah is doing and your whole journey. I look forward to seeing all of your posts and blogs, they make my day! 😄 Love you tons sweet friend!!

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    I will continue to keep Uriah’s health in my prayers. He is so cute! Congratulations, again, on his birth!

    ~~ Sarah in GA~~

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    I never comment on blogs but I have been reading yours for a few weeks….wanted you to know that Uriah’s health was special prayer petition at the Mass I attended this morning….may God bless your family🙂🙏🏼

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    Oh my goodness Frannie! Uriah is SO ADORABLE, my heart about can’t take all of that preciousness! 😄 And what a blessing and how sweet that someone was able to take such good photos for you!

    Thank you for sharing these sweet moments. They help in knowing how to pray specifically for all of you. Praying for peace and grace to your new mommy heart, in how it must ache to hold that sweet soul. And that your incision will heal very quickly with minimal pain (abdominal incisions are NO fun in the healing process) so you are able to bend over and love on your little man. 😊

    Enjoy your time reading to your baby!

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