A Monday Moment // Blogging Break


Things will be quiet around here — the leaves, cold evenings and desire for country-side are calling me and I cannot say no. As I spend evenings playing games, mornings drinking coffee and moments relaxing in the presence of loved ones I’ll also be dreaming of new posts, new adventures and new challenges.

In the mean time I hope you can find a cozy, old blanket, a cup of hot something and enjoy these few fall time favorites of mine.  These beautiful links lead to a lot of refreshment and Autumn relaxation for me — and for you I wish the same.

For the Musical Folk

For the Cottage-loving Souls

For the Readers

For the Pinterest-People

For the Nostalgic

With much love, blessings and coffee,



6 thoughts on “A Monday Moment // Blogging Break

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      Thank you for the fine wishes. I did come back refreshed and very much enjoyed the break. 🙂 My parents have a lovely pond I explored, puppies I snuggled with, pathways I walked and a garden I discovered a few, autumn tomatoes in. Overall, it was a very blessed trip.


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    I loved all the links you shared Frannie! Ed Sheeran is one of my fave singers, and I had never heard this wonderful song! I immediately added it to my favorite song playlist! The cottage page was absolutely wonderful and I loved the quote from Anne of Green Gables. Your pins look so fun, I can’t wait to explore them more and get great ideas. Your relationship with tea is very similar to mine and it made me smile! 🙂 I’m not usually an audio book person but I amngoing to give your suggestion a try.
    Have a wonderful, blessed, relaxing time on your break and enjoy these beautiful autumn days! 🙂

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      I’m so glad you liked all of the links, Amy! 🙂 Have you never seen “The Hobbit” series? “I See Fire” was written for it and is one of my absolute favorites!

      I just followed you on Pinterest so know I’ll get to see all of the Pinteresting things you like! 😉

      You are a blessing to me!

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    Frannie!!!!! How did you know that I’ve been listening to “I See Fire” on repeat for the last three days??? I literally had never heard that song before three days ago, and now it’s one of my very favorites – I love how our minds sometimes work in such incredibly similar ways!!

    Anyway, I will miss you while you take your break, but I certainly understand – the days are beautiful and there is so much to drink in and celebrate! Live these fresh days to their very fullest, and bring a little bit of orange and gold back with you when you return! <3

    Lots of love to you,

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      Oh, Vickie! LOL! It is funny how similar we can be — “I See Fire” has been on repeat for several days in our house. D had never heard it and it sealed the deal for his rewatching “The Hobbit” series with me!! ;D

      Thank you for being you — you bless me exceedingly!

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