A Photo Gallery and a New Home

Hello, dearies!

Yes, that’s right — we’ve left our bungalow for a one mile trek across town and a two room rental that nests at the end of a street. Brown walls and creamy white trim have been making Dalton and I feel warm and comfortable in this new space. There are no leaky sinks, no leaky roofs, and no leaky sewage pipes — blessings indeed! Though we loved our last place, our honeymoon home, it is so nice to have a dependable landlord and the knowledge that, unless the Lord moves us, we can plan on settling in.

So without further ado, (and because I’m about to put my feet up, turn the Disney music up, and drink my coffee up) show yourself around!

Our living room is so spacious! Perfect for guests and (maybe one day) babies to wonder around in. There is so much room in comparison to our last rental that we are able to enjoy ample seating space — both couches and ottoman fit nicely! 

Of course you want to see the toilet room — don’cha? This bathroom is such a treat to Dalton and I — the walls are not crumbling and the vanity isn’t moldy — two aspects we were happy to leave behind and there is plenty of space for us both to get ready. Although, I do miss the “closeness” our tiny bathroom seemed two bring. 😉

The bedrooms are very roomy and we’re loving the carpet! These shots are of our room … isn’t that closet dreamy? The little signs hanging from the closet say good night — the prefect touch of shabby/rustic/romantic. (Can you spot the creeper? 😉

I know what you’re really thinking … “Very nice, Frannie. But where do I sleep when I come to visit?” (Because ya’ll know you’re cordially invited if ever you happen to be scadaddling through Jefferson City.)
Well, sweet friend, there is no where for you to rest — at least not now. The spare bedroom (which I am so loving!) is currently overflowing with crafting materials/innumerable sets of glass dishware (from our generous wedding guests)/work out equipment. However, it is my goal to have this room tidied and ready for happy, visiting souls by tomorrow. 🙂

As you tour the last bit of our happy home you’ll find yourself in the kitchen — and what a fun place to be in! I am loving the fresh cupboards, the pretty counter top, and the deep sink ready for washing dishes. I must confess that I do miss (very much) the lovely cabinets my beloved painted in our previous rental. They were beautiful labors of love! All in all, I am very much enjoying my updated kitchen — I cannot wait to have family and friends over for coffee made in this very room.

We are still so overcome with awe at our living in this home — our last place, though very dear, had become a sort of burden with the many maintenance issues and our landlords lack of dependability. We are so honored and praise God for sending us on in His way and timing! Thank you, Lord!

With love to you all!


3 thoughts on “A Photo Gallery and a New Home

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    Oooohh!!!! No wonder you haven't been posting as much lately! 😀 Your new home is just beautiful and I love it! I can really see your decorating touch in your photos – it's beautifully warm and inviting. Way to go!! Congratulations!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    ~ Vicki

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    The house is beautiful Frannie! And I know it must be such a blessing for you both to be in a home with no problems, and the feeling of stability! 😀

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

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