A Quiet Moment


Dear friends,
I’ve gotten lost in a world full
of garden gates, soft sheets, and beautiful flowers–lovely things to a tired
 If you
find yourself in need of refreshment or if your soul yearns to see some loveliness I’d be
happy to take you to The Murmuring Cottage’s door and afterwards travel on over to Moi et le Temp.

3 thoughts on “A Quiet Moment

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    Frannie, I read your comment after midnight, when everyone else was in bed and I was alone – and I'm so glad I did, because as soon as I read your incredible words, I fell with my face to the ground and wept.

    I have never really believed that any of my dreams will come true. I see myself as Sydney Carton – full of aspirations and talents and hopes for a bright future, but ending up paralyzed by myself and my vices (his was drink; mine is the Internet). All of my dreams are so wild they seem hopeless, and I never dared to plan for any of them because I assumed they could never happen. Be a concert pianist? A single missionary? A writer? Everyone wants to do those things and no one gets to do them. Why should I be any different? I'm nothing special or unusual.

    But then I read your comment tonight, and for one beautiful minute, I thought that maybe I *could* do something special and exciting someday, just like I've always dreamed of. And I cried because I've never really believed it before.

    I guess I shouldn't comment after midnight, when I'm all weepy … :-} But thank you, thank you, dear friend, for being so encouraging! I don't know what I'd do without you!!

    Big hugs,

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    Hi Frannie,
    I am so glad I stumbled on your blog from "young christian bloggers." Do you take all your lovely photos yourself? You have a beautiful blog!
    I also like reading "My Utmost for His Highest" Mr. Chambers was a wonderful writer. I am reading "Conformed to His Image" also by him.
    Have a blessed day.
    A sister in Christ

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