A Thankful Heart … In the Heat of Summer

“There are two times of the year. Autumn and waiting for Autumn.”

I laugh at these two lines because it is so true. For me, a coffee-toting, coat-loving, scarf-wearing gal, I thrive in the later seasons of Autumn and Winter. Not much makes me happier then a frosty lawn and a cool day.

But lately I’ve been feeling the challenge of being content where I am. I’ve felt a tug in my spirit urging me to be thankful for today, heat and all. The gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit has been instructing me to “choose this day whom I will serve” and I know that my Father God requires a heart of constant obedient thanks.

What in life are you struggling with today?

Could it be that you aren’t married? Haven’t any children? Haven’t enough children? Maybe the weather is too hot, your home too small or your church too modern.

Whatever it is, Dear One, I encourage you to check your heart. Is there any way you are stuck in a mess of discontentment? Could it be that you’re desire for change has turned into an ungrateful fuss?

I know that it is hard.

But I also know that there is blessing, freedom and joy in choosing obedience and a thankful heart.

With so much love and blessings,


John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. John 3:27


Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17

2 thoughts on “A Thankful Heart … In the Heat of Summer

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    Hello Frannie.
    I guess we all have different struggles, every day. It is only by giving them to the Lord that we can overcome. Sometimes easier said than done.

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      Hello, Miss Barbara!

      You are so right. He is so good in being our victory over all the things which can bring us down or bring the worst in us. Agree too that it is a hard thing … I am thankful for a God Who gives grace and many people who also give grace and a loving example.

      Blessings to you!

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