A Window’s Surprising View

Out my small window lives a land full of mischief, surprise and beauty.

It’s a small neighborhood, made of a flower bed surrounded by river and creek rock, but the inhabitants of the mulchy area think they could ask for no better home.

I, the chief gardener, happened to look out one morning and see a few of the happenings. Young Little Lizard scurried around the rocks, no doubt looking for yummy bugs and delicious desserts. Nearby, Wasp hovered around; one always gets the impression he and his family are always busy and never rest then a moment.

Finally, my eyes caught sight of a twitchy, busy-bodied little bird. He hopped, jumped and cried out spontaneously. From rock to bush and back around he jumped … I feared for Little Lizard knowing twitchy, brown birds often like to have brunch around that time.

There is quite a world outside my bedroom window. A world of sunlight, life and mischievous little things. Of course the animals don’t mind being themselves when they think they are alone and unwatched. Maybe one day I’ll catch sight of a summer party happening between the daylilies and rocks.

I’ll have to keep watching.

Have you noticed any social activities in your lawn lately? Any parties or lazy times? I think animal friends can be the best, especially when young children have a chance of watching along. 

Your whimsical coffee-drinking friend,


3 thoughts on “A Window’s Surprising View

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    not just children! Early mornings when I get to make a cup of tea for my husband I am entertained by the blackbird family outside my back door. They arrive each day to find a few crumbs, potter around, have a bath in the birdbath and generally own the garden!

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    I haven’t paid much attention out on my own lawn of late, but I did have some visitors pass by my window seat at chemo yesterday.

    When Justin and I pulled up to the hospital yesterday morning we saw 5 geese ( or as I call them “gooses” ) sitting by the fountain. Some were pecking and one even had its head tucked under it’s wing sleeping. 😀 I was praying and hoping they would walk by my window later on. And sure enough, the LORD brought them my way. 😀 It brought a HUGE smile to my day, as well as the other patients (and nurses), watching them walk by, pecking around, and even stopping traffic while crossing the street. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

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    Oh, I love watching the little animals in my neighborhood! The other day I noticed – couldn’t help but, really! – one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen in our yard … he had built an inverse-cone-shaped web at the bottom of my little brothers’ swingset and was resting poised at the mouth of the cone, waiting for his breakfast to come on by. (I intentionally changed that sentence to be neutral rather than repulsed as I originally wrote it. I hate spiders!)

    I also noticed some tiny, interesting flies that I’ve never seen before – they were rusty red on their heads and abdomens with a shiny copper-colored shield on their thoraces, and they flexed their wings so rhythmically that they looked like little robots or cyborgs. I’ve never seen anything like them! I looked them up online, and I believe they are called “picture-winged flies,” or Delphinia picta. Not sure what they do, but they’re interesting!

    And finally, we’ve had so much flooding in our area this summer that our amphibian population has increased rather dramatically … I almost stepped on a tiny toad while carrying a load of groceries the other day, and for a tense second it was a tossup whether I should protect the groceries or the toad!!

    This was a great topic for a post, Frannie – I loved it!! Thanks for sharing your creativity and letting us partake in the fun, too! 🙂

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