Welcome to my favorite spot, an nine year old blog full of life, love and authenticity! I’m Frannie and I am so glad you decided to join me.

I am a twenty-eight year old wife (eeee!) who believes life is worth celebrating. My husband and I are working our way to our fourth year of marriage and loving every moment; from the joyous heights of successful date nights and settling into a new city to the itty-gritty details like traveling three hours to see family and deciding between ham or turkey in an Aldi’s cold aisle. God is over-abundantly good to His children.

 Which leads to another delight — the Lord. We are believers and followers of Jesus Christ. What a joy it is! Each day I see more and more evidence in my life that God is real and good. He is our life, our way, and our friend and to discover exactly how He changed my life visit my testimony page up above.

I’m a lover of wintry mornings, Charles Dickens, four-square, substitute teaching, early morning coffee visits with my mom, making art while listening to classics (both music and literature), exploring antique shops with a friend and latte in hand, snuggling with my Darling Man, airports and meeting God’s people.

I’m also a huge fan of our son who arrived 7 weeks early November 2016. You can say we’re absolutely over-the-moon in love with Uriah. My Baby Series documents our two years of trying to conceive and all the highs and lows of that experience. Our misdiagnosed miscarriage and scary first trimester have been huge lessons where God has carried us through and faithfully led us; being told we had lost Baby Duncan, receiving scary diagnoses, and me experiencing premature rupture at 24 weeks has been more rewarding than crushing as we’ve learned to see God never lets the losses of pain outweigh His glory.

After 7 months living two hours away from home with Uriah in SLCH NICU, we came home June 2017! Uriah is doing amazing things and thriving. He is SUCH a blessing!

When I’m not cleaning the house or whipping up a cup of coffee you’ll find me walking downtown, reading, enjoying family and a game of Phase Ten, make-shifting a diy, discussing life with my Beloved Man, snuggling with our baby, or handmaking cards.

What to Expect

I write two to three times a week about marriage, life following Jesus, family, and all the little, precious things which make our days special.

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Where to Find Me

I love pouring coffee and connecting with all the sweet people who stop by my blog and while we may not be able to meet in person I always enjoy meeting through social media. You can subscribe to Authentic Virtue’s Facebook page, connect through Instagram, or catch me on Pinterest.

I look forward to growing in grace with you!

Love, blessings and coffee,


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