Hello, hello! I am Frannie and I am so happy you are here!

A little bit about me — I grew up in Alaska but have spent the last 10 years making the Midwest home. I’ve been married to my darling husband, Dalton, for almost 7 years; he’s my best friend, counselor, and support (plus, he’s hilarious!).

I’m also mama to Uriah, our amazing 4 year old. (I’m allowed to cry, right?) You’ll notice Uriah has a lot of medical equipment but don’t let that fool you — he’s your typical toddler who loves to smile, sing songs, play, snuggle, throw tantrums, and read. 👶

I had a very difficult pregnancy with my water breaking at 24 weeks, 9 weeks of hospitalized bed rest, and then we spent 7 months in the NICU. Despite the difficult start, Uriah is a warrior and living his best life with a trach and vent. He has to work extra hard to overcome the months of sickness and hospital stays but he’s an absolute joy and gift from God. We wouldn’t change him one bit — He has been fearfully and wonderfully made!

I have a special place in my heart for women experiencing PPROM and medical complexities — if you ever find yourself in that place and need a shoulder to cry on, please reach out! <3 

I’m an ex-substitute teacher and librarian 📚 now stay at home mama who loves all things beautiful and home. 🏡 I’m an ISFJ (married to an INTJ) homebody with an addiction to chalkpaint decor, coffee, fresh flowers, snapping quick iphone pictures of my favorite moments, and finding ways to make our home beautiful on a budget.

Most of all, I’m in love with my Creator and thankful for the salvation given me through Jesus Christ.

My heart’s inspiration is to share content that will encourage and inspire women to bloom where they are planted, live authentically, and know Jesus more personally. Throw in a lot of personal ramblings, family photos, fan-girling over my men, and failed DIY’s and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what happens here at Authentic Virtue.

(Stop by my Instagram for more honest, real life bits). 

So glad you’ve stopped in and I hope to see you around — love, blessings, and coffee, 


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