April :: Goals and Favorites

The heartiest of hellos to you,
sweet friends. Currently, I am cuddling in my favorite sea-colored
blanket, with coffee in mind, and great music in the background. The current
rain storms we’re getting and the lovely (though surprising) pops of
colors from the local greenery has me feeling alive and ready to accomplish big
things. How appropriate then that Amelia should post her goals and favorites
this month and invite others to join in too! J So here I go, sharing my goals and favorites for this


Read through the book of John …
twice :: D and I have
been watching The Gospel of John and
I really enjoy reading Scripture with it.

Stick to our set budget/meal
ideas :: We’ve come
up with a workable budget and I’m excited to apply it

3. Have thank-you cards written
and ready to be sent at the end of the month

4. Basement brigade :: Wash down the ceiling, walls, and back room of basement
(Tentative to the availability of teammate and beloved, D) J

5. Prune rose bush, put in (tiny) herb garden, and maybe get pot-garden in :: And blog about the results

6. Wash/dress-up mailbox

7. Order transcripts :: I am so thankful I am able to continue attending college—praying
I am accepted to the nearby school

8. Finish pantry :: This includes putting in nails in order to hang pots and

9. Remove paint from kitchen

10. Bake cookies and pass
around J
:: Using the
recipe and ingredients given by a clever wedding guest!


Daffodils and cherry blossoms
are blooming :: We are
thoroughly enjoying the lovely blossoms which make our home seem cherry and fresh

Our new coffee mugs a sweet
friend gave :: “You’re my
cup of tea” and “I like you a latte” are the cutest sayings ever to find their
way on coffee cups

Meeting new friends  :: In special,
God-decreed ways!

Having family over :: Last week some of our family and friends came for a
visit bringing our wedding presents along with them. We had so much fun opening
gifts, eating Chinese, touring the capital, and just enjoying each other’s

Being married :: Yes, this is one takes the cake J

I’d love to hear your goals for
this month–join the fun and share!

With lots of love and


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    A herb garden doesn't have to be large, and a few pots would be enough…things like mint (always grow in a pot, or it will walk), thyme, chives and Basil.

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