As Smooth as She Gets

She ran up, glibly, leaning backwards over the line of burgundy chairs before me.
“Here ya go,” my little sister in Christ said. “This pebble is for you; it’s smooth because we learned that God often makes us go through tough places in order to become smooth.” She handed me a small, penny-sized charcoal colored pebble. It was smooth. She smiled as I gave my thanks.
How could she have known such a small, worthless stone could mean so much to me? And that was weeks ago. How did she know that I would have needed the encouragement that little pebble gave me today? She didn’t; but God knew.
I thank God for using the storms in life for His glorious and good purposes. I thank Him for molding, shaping, and sometimes opening the flood gates upon me so that I can be conformed closer and closer into His image.
I thank Him for small, smooth, charcoal colored pebbles. 

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