Authentic Virtue post #1- A post for Christian girls

Dear sisters in Christ,
I was hoping to share a few encouragements on how to walk through the valleys of life. Lately, I’ve been struggling in some areas and the below points have encouraged me to look to Jesus and His Word.

1. Look to Jesus- When we begin to look at life’s issues we sink farther in to self-pity and ungratefulness. Jesus has paid for our salvation and it is safe to trust Him with our problems. Jesus cares for us!

2. Don’t rest in your feelings- The pain this has caused me! When I don’t feel like reading my Bible, when I feel like I can’t go on, or I feel like I can’t be forgiven I must realize my feelings are decieving me. God has given us feelings to help us be sensitive to sin and righteousness. But, God’s Word is what we should rely on during times of struggle.

I read once that God uses the valleys to test our faith. If we are being tested, be encouraged! that means you have faith.
God bless you all as you walk on in Him, Frannie

2 thoughts on “Authentic Virtue post #1- A post for Christian girls

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    Amen sister!! I have been going through a very deep valley lately and I have found the same things to be true for me! It's is not easy to go through times in the valley but that is what God uses us to make us stronger in Him!! Keep pressing on!!

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    Yes! I printed off a paper discussing wether or not you are living in law or grace from the Remnant. I am so excited to read it because I know Jesus died for my sins, but I so often take my eyes off of that and live for myself…trying to be good but never good enough. Let's live for Him!

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