How to Be Okay When You Have Adult Acne

Sometimes life feels really hard.

Like —  I can’t wear my favorite dress today because its obvs that those lattes’ don’t vanish into air — hard.
Or — my adult acne is begging for me to cover my face in a medieval veil — hard.
 Seriously, zit. You’re the size of a baby’s nose and make my chin look like it was lonely and grew a twin.
One chin is enough; can I get an amen?
Yes, sometimes life feels really hard and sometimes it can make us feel ugly. Ugly, insecure and afraid.

How can we succeed at life when we can’t even look in the mirror without groaning? How do we accomplish dreams when we feel like the universe is against us?


step back and give thanks.

Life seems harder then it is when we forget to be thankful. Did you wake up today? Did you happen to have breakfast, lunch and dinner? Did you have someone who cared enough to ask how your day was? Those are blessings; practice thankfulness and acknowledge that your life really isn’t as bad as it feels.


remember who you are.

If you’re a human being then you are a miracle (if you’re not human then we’ve got to chat!). You might not feel like a miracle but you are. Your heart beats without manual pump-age, your eyes take in morning sunrises and your fingerprints are unique. You might be having a hard day and you probably don’t feel beautiful but you are breathtakingly made.


do the hard thing and move on.

It’s a hard thing to accept acne, frizzy hair and poundage or skinnyism (take your pick; we all think we suffer from one or the other). But there is power in acknowledging that yes, I look ugly today, but I’m not going to let that affect my day. You find freedom when you can say to the mirror, “I choose to happy today with myself.” There is happiness when you can let go of your fear and insecurities and just be you.

So next time you suffer from adult acne and want to hide under your covers and eat chocolate all day, don’t. Give thanks, remember Who made you and move on; choose joy and focus on making others see the beauty this world holds.

And you’ll realize that your day isn’t really as hard as it seems.

Learning How to Be Flexible in Marriage

One of the lessons marriage is teaching me is the importance of being flexible.
A few weeks ago, my darling man’s work schedule changed. And we were/are thrilled! Instead of working 1 pm to 9 pm my hardworking man works from 9 am – 7 pm. Yes, he did get more hours in a day but instead of two days off he now has three! How wonderful! Not only are we blessed with an extra day off but he gets home much earlier than he used to — perfect for having friends over or enjoying an evening out together.
And yet, despite the goodness of this change, I find my rigid, stick-to-the-schedule personality being stretched a bit. For nearly a year I had grown accustom to Dalton only having two days off and spending his mornings at home. Now, our mornings are a little busier than normal, the time of his absence longer and the workweek shorter.
At first I noticed that I was feeling a little uptight — why should I be feeling stressed over these good changes?
I’m sure you too can relate. Perhaps your husband’s schedule changed as well or maybe he lost his job and spends most of his hours at home with you and the babies? Maybe he has volunteered and is needed elsewhere?
I simply want to encourage you, dear one, to embrace the change. Embrace the challenges and joys life gives and, above all, practice being flexible. For many of us, it is easy to become stressed and weirded-out over changes  (even the good ones!). When that stress comes at you remember these three things:
Remember that God is uses these changes for good, that change is a natural part of life and that when you feel out-of-the-loop and a little stressed that God understands and invites you to His throne of grace.
Oh, and one last thing.
Choose joy.
Choose to accept the change in your schedule.
And choose to love those in your home.
With lots of love!

Joyfilled Easter + Me // Coffee Series

Hello, lovelies!!
Open your windows, pull up a chair and rejoice with me over a cup o’ coffee — our Lord is so merciful! I rejoice in His great kindness! Easter was only a few weeks ago but I am still reflecting on it.
This year Easter was different for me.
For as long as I can remember my Easters as a Christian have been marked with shame and sorrow. In preparation for the holiday I spent days remembering how my sinful self drove Jesus to His cross; I let the holiday become a reminder of sin and shame instead of a reminder of the victory I have in Jesus.
This year I dared to think differently.
I chose to rejoice, to sing.
Instead of weeping over past sins I chose to believe in the peace God’s redemption guarantees.
Rather than focus on personal holiness I remembered that
Of course, I believe that there is a time to remember why Jesus came to the cross; to reflect on His work in our lives. But I am convinced that God is more glorified by a rejoicing, thankful spirit rather than a sorrowful soul.
And the amazing thing is that my Easter was lovely. I was away from family, had a darling husband who worked, alone in my little home.
But I was so glad — Jesus has saved me and I am redeemed — why shouldn’t I rejoice?
It has taken me a long time to get to this point; some days I discover I’ve jumped back into the mud of despondency and sorrow. But Jesus carries me through and for that I will rejoice.
What blessings have you discovered lately?
With love, blessings and raspberry tea,

“All Day I Did the Little Things …”

The Blue Bowl

All day I did the little things,
The little things that do not show;
I brought the kindling for the fire
I set the candles in a row,
I filled a bowl with marigolds,
The shallow bowl you love the best —
And made the house a pleasant place
Where weariness might take its rest.

The hours sped on, my eager feet
Could not keep pace with my desire.
So much to do, so little time!
I could not let my body tire;
Yet, when the coming of the night
Blotted the garden from my sight,
And on the narrow, graveled walks
Between the guarding flower stalks
I heard your step: I was not through
With services I meant for you.

You came into the quiet room
That glowed enchanted with the bloom
Of yellow flame. I saw your face,
Illumined by the firelit space,
Slowly grow still and comforted —
“It’s good to be at home,” you said.

   – Blanche Bane Kuder

Some days we never finish all that we intend to do. But the reward of a husband returning home — one man happy to be in the embrace of his woman, content to sleep under faded comforters and eat simple meals — seems to make every chore, every project, every list worthwhile and even enjoyable.
A dear friend of mine shared this poem — I couldn’t help but fall in love with it.
Love and blessings,

Bramble Cottage // Favorite Things Series

Hey there, sweet peoples!
So happy to be introducing this fun, new series. A Few of My Favorite Things will be a be a summer-time place where I’ll share favorite blogs, lovely things, music, and encouraging books with you. Basically, it will be a place of interacting and inviting you into my life as I share what has been in my home and across my laptop screen. Giveaways may even match … super fun!
This week’s favorite is the blog, Correspondence from Bramble Cottage. Kristin, the beautiful soul behind the screen, is a longtime friend who is married to her John and raising two adorable girlies. Her writings delight, inspire and bless.
My womanly heart has been blessed by Kristin’s poetry and I have laughed when reading her baby daughter’s day-to-day journalings … yes, dear soul, you need to visit Bramble Cottage. Take a cup of goodness when you go … you’ll be scrolling for a while. ♥
I have to share a glimpse of Kristin’s flower garden — isn’t it magical?
With lots of love and sunshine,
// photo credit belongs to John and Kristin Hollback //