Bump Update: Week 24, Broken Waters, and Hospital Stays

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Hello, my sweet people! I’ve got another crazy pregnancy update coming from my cozy, hospital bed to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ My, hasn’t this pregnancy had it’s ups and downs?

My water broke this week at 24 weeks. We were admitted to a great hospital in our area and will be here until Uriah joins us. We don’t know why it broke as of yet.

At this point, I am having no contractions large enough to be registered which is awesome! We want Uriah to grow for as long as he can.

We’re at a critical stage for the next several days where it is quite possible I can go into labor; however, this morning we spoke with our doctor and he believes I have passed the “imminent labor phase” which is SUCH A BLESSING! If I can make it past this coming week I’m more likely to carry Uriah to the safer time zone of 34 weeks were we would induce. Honestly, every day he remains in my tummy is a day in his favor so we are grateful for every hour. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what does this mean for us? I will be permanently staying in the hospital until Uriah arrives which could be soon (we hope not!) or at least 10 weeks. Thankfully, my darling Daltonย will be able to stay with me and commute to work; I am so, so glad we won’t be separated.

This is our 2nd full day at the hospital and we are doing well. There have been tense moments and we wish we didn’t have to go through this but God is SO GOOD and we can feel it! He has allowed us to walk this path so we will walk it. We are already being so blessed by Him and He is loving us so well through family and friends.

If you’d like to pray here is a current list of things I covet your prayers over:

1) That I do not get an infection which will definitely lead to labor.
2) For Uriah to have as much time to grow as possible. ๐Ÿ’•
3) When Uriah is born he will not only be a preemie but will have to deal with the difficulties hydrocephalus and (possible) chromosome issues can create. Our darling boy has a long, upward battle and he needs prayers for healing (if God’s wills) and the strength to thrive through all his difficulties.
4) For my husband and I to be a shining light in our environment and that we will grow closer together — he has been such a delight and comfort to me!
5) For me not to have any fear! My pregnancy has been full of unknowns and surprises. To go from my original plan of birth at home with a midwife to a possible c-section and now to natural (or induced) labor in a hospital setting is a lot for me to take in! Above all we want Uriah’s safety, but this is our first child and we yearn for the experience to be as special and non-intrusive as possible. Plus, I am dealing with fear over the actual labor. I know every birth (however and wherever it happens) is something to be delighted in but I don’t want to just endure, I want to be at peace even in the pain. Please pray I can be prepared mentally and have no fear during the experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sweet readers, I love each of you. Thank you for walking through this experience with me; my, what a journey it has been. But it has been sweetened by your friendship and I appreciate you!

Love, blessings, and (great!) hospital coffee,


4 thoughts on “Bump Update: Week 24, Broken Waters, and Hospital Stays

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    Oh frannie this was not the update I expected! Warm thoughts and prayers coming your way and hopefully that precious little guy stays put awhile longer!!

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      Hello, Kristi!

      I am sorry for the not-so-good-surprise. It has definitely swept us off our feet a time or two! Thank you for your prayers and warm thoughts — we so appreciate them!! <3

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    Frannie, praying for you and your family . . . I had two difficult labors, but nothing like you are experiencing. May the Lord give you grace upon grace–you are a beautiful example of one who puts her hope in God. Much love, Rebekah

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