Beatrix Potter Nursery Inspiration

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I love dreaming up ideas for our little one’s bedroom. I love making our house a home and creating a peaceful, welcoming space — it’s a creative outlet I’m addicted too. I just can’t help myself! 😉

We’re going to let Baby Duncan’s gender be a surprise (isn’t that grand?) and I’m wanting to keep the nursery a combo guest room. This means I need to create a beautiful space that’s appealing to both baby and guests who find their way into our home while being gender neutral.

Some of my favorite Pinterest inspirations are below!

This one is a top favorite. I love the soft colors and sophistication. It’s just so darling! (link here)

The creamy colors and chevron curtains are adorable. I have burlap curtains of some sort in every room of our house and I’d like to keep the theme going. Maybe I could make something like this? (link here)

Oh! I’m liking everything about this room. The soft whites, sea foam blue and browns are too much! (link here)

Of course there will be a need for some accessories. Isn’t this pillow too cute? (link here) <3

Prints of Beatrix Potter’s work, bunny burlaps and soft nature-themed knick knacks would be welcome. (link here)

I plan to move my big book shelf from the living room, paint it a chalky white and buy several dollar store bins similar to above. I’ll paint them a similar color and label them. What a fun (and cheap) idea! (link here)

My favorite part of dreaming up nursery ideas is that I have so many friends and family who send me sweet encouragement and gifts. My sister-in-law is sending me her beautiful changing table and bassinet, my mother-in-law found a great yard sale find to replace the book shelf I’m moving to baby’s room, and the joys go on and on.

I love that at 8 weeks Baby Duncan already has such a good support system. 😉

What does your dream baby room look like? Are you crafting anything special right now? How are you spending your summer days? I’d love to hear in a comment below!

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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Beatrix Potter Nursery Inspiration

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    All of these are so pretty! I particularly like the blue and brown themed one. I have always adored that color combo. 🙂 If I had a dream baby room, it would be that one. 🙂

    Enjoy these precious dreaming days! 😀

  2. Avatar

    Oooh, I love these!!! They’re so soothing and restful, both for baby AND for guests! Good choices!! <3

    I never realized until this moment that I have dream rooms of all types, but no baby room … I do like the trend of stenciling meaningful quotes on the wall! 🙂 But that definitely messes with its guest-room potential …

    I love you, Frannie, and I continue to be beyond excited for you and Dalton!!! May God continue to bless you with good health and peace!

    (And thank you, thank you for your prayers as well … I really appreciate them!!)


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