Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Greetings dear sisters! I hope you all are well and growing in our dear Jesus! He IS such a faithful and good conselor and friend. . .He is living! I have a confession. . .have have two warts. I would not share this aweful news with you if it did not beautifully correspond with what one of my dear day care children said. Drew: “What is that thing on you?” Me: “That bump?” (I knew what he was referring to, but was wanting to make sure before I began pointing out an embarrassing thorn in my flesh). Drew: “No, that circular thing.” (I did not know 3 year olds knew about the word “circular.” 🙂 Me: “Well, that’s a wart.” Drew: “What’s that?” Me: “Well, um. . . (a quick pause while I ponder how to explain warts to a three year old) well, its a virus that gets in the body kind of like how kids get sick.” Drew: “Do I have them?” Chuckling me: “No, you don’t have them.” Drew: “Only big kids get them, not little kids.” Me: “Well, no there are some little kids who get warts.” Me: “It’s ugly isn’t it?” Drew: “What?” Me: “My wart is ugly isn’t it?” Drew: “Why do you think it’s ugly?” Me: “Well, (a second pause while I try to put my distaste for warts in words–while I try to put meaning to the insecurity my unwanted guest gives me) its just a bump. . . Drew: (Offended that I would think myself ugly) Well I don’t think it’s ugly. . .I THINK IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!” 🙂 Dear sisters, is not that the sweetest thing you have ever heard? My warts give me great embarrassment and make me quite self-conscious. . .they have made me feel ugly. Do any of you have a physical feature that you dislike? I had one dear friend who hated her freckles while I thought that they were what made her her! While some things are changeable (like my warts. . .I shall not have them forever!), other things have been placed specifically on our bodies for a special purpose. Freckles, light skin, dark skin, curly hair, straight hair, little noses, big noses, red, blonde, brown, and black hair, certain body types. . .whatever you have God has perfectly and purposely designed!  Mrs. Dora Esh spoke in a tape series titled “The Making of a Princess” Here is a paraphrase of some lovely words she spoke: You see, He never makes mistakes; He knew you while you were in the womb! God does not like to make His creation with cookie cutters. . .He made each person different from any other! And you know what, dear friends? I believe that what you may dislike about yourself your future husband will love.  . .for it is that which make you you!! 🙂 Finally, our grumblings show complete lack of thankfulness for God’s good creation. When He made man and woman He said that it was very good! He loves you and wants you to be able to trust in Him.  If you struggle with your body, talk to the Lord about it. He is never above listening to us. .  .ask Him to give you peace with how He made you. If it really bothers you, ask the Lord to change it according to His will. If you truly desire God’s will in your life, you will be able to accept whatever He gives you. Sisters, God does care about “even the small things.” Let us learn to rest in His love for us and how He made us!! OliverCromwell Lord Cromwell  And so, I end this post with the well known phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” While I do not believe that is completely true, I do believe that true love will over look faults and even think them beautiful—like Drew considering my warts lovely. As Lord Cromwell put it when Sir Peter Lely was painting his portrait, "MR LELY, I DESIRE YOU WOULD USE ALL YOUR SKILL TO PAINT YOUR PICTURE TRULY LIKE ME, AND NOT FLATTER ME AT ALL; BUT REMARK ALL THESE ROUGHNESS, PIMPLES, WARTS, AND EVERYTHING AS YOU SEE ME; OTHERWISE I WILL NEVER PAY A FARTHING FOR IT.”  I love that quote! 🙂 It simply reminds me that we are to accept how God made us, warts and all!! :o) May the Lord bless you continue your week!! With love, Frannie Fran's 013 Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I [am] the LORD that maketh all [things]; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;” Isaiah 44:24

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    Frannie – I happened upon your site from clicking on another blog (I can't remember specifically which one now, but I think it was 26,000 Days or another one focusing on Godly femininity). At any rate, I wanted to mention that I think you are an incredibly articulate young woman, and I particularly enjoyed this post. It is important for young and old to remember that God loves us, warts and all, and it's through our imperfections that God is able to show His power and glory, and that He likes to use imperfect vessels for His kingdom work. Thank you for this message that I, for one, needed to be reminded of today:-)

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    What a blessed reminder~ Many times I wonder about why the Lord has given me a certain characteristic that I may not like, but I realize that it is who God made me, which I give praise for. It leaves me speechless to think that He formed me, before I was even born!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder….

    In Christ,

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    Frannie…I just popped over to say thanks for leaving a comment on our recipe blog to let us know you enjoyed the ranger Cookies. And now I stayed and read awhile. What an encouraging and lovely blog. Keep up the good work!

    Mennonite Girls Can Cook

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