Fall Cleaning 101

I’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the upcoming months; plans that involve family trips, holidays, book fairs, weekend guests, hosting my first ever Pampered Chef party (aren’t I grown-up?) and a few fall-ish plans.

The seasons activities are pushing my procrastinating-self into gear. It’s that time of year again: fall cleaning. 

Around here fall cleaning involves emptying out cupboards, wiping out the pantry, dusting light fixtures, trim and doors. Of course the windows will need washing and the flower bed needs to be put to rest, ready for it’s long-winter nap.

So, if you happen to stop by don’t be alarmed by the ruckus, dust amount and smell of vinegar (from my homemade cleaner) filling the house. I’ll be sure to turn down the Christmas music (my cleaning empowerment) and put coffee on for us.

Hopefully, this lovely weekend will also involve the typing of several –amazing — blog posts and the planning out of an upcoming book fair and classroom book vote.

What does your weekend look like? 

With so much love, blessings and coffee,


A Monday Moment // Blogging Break


Things will be quiet around here — the leaves, cold evenings and desire for country-side are calling me and I cannot say no. As I spend evenings playing games, mornings drinking coffee and moments relaxing in the presence of loved ones I’ll also be dreaming of new posts, new adventures and new challenges.

In the mean time I hope you can find a cozy, old blanket, a cup of hot something and enjoy these few fall time favorites of mine.  These beautiful links lead to a lot of refreshment and Autumn relaxation for me — and for you I wish the same.

For the Musical Folk

For the Cottage-loving Souls

For the Readers

For the Pinterest-People

For the Nostalgic

With much love, blessings and coffee,



Schoolhouse News and Daily Life // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello, sweet friends!

Currently, I am sitting in my comfy chair with a mug full of black coffee. The windows are open, a candle is lit and I am enjoying the quiet and relaxation an empty Friday brings.  Ah … things have been quite busy in our little home and with that busyness comes slackness in  responding to your comments and forgetting to write Coffee With You posts. It’s so good to know my blogworld friends are sweet, patient souls. 🙂

Earlier this year the principal from a local Christian school asked me if to consider helping out in the library. Then, I was asked to consider teaching the weekly P.E. class. D and I discussed the possibilities, I dreamt up perfect library lesson plans, googled fun and productive P.E. exercises. Soon I found myself attending a morning safety course, organizing and dusting shelves in the afternoon and driving back to attend my first ever open house as a staff member. What a wonderful, busy whirlwind!

It’s such a blessing — honestly, it feels like I am being paid to have a hobby. I already knew many of the children from my time as a substitute teacher last year and I look forward to sharing my love for good literature and play. I’ll be in the school two times a week but have been given a flexible schedule since it was important to D and I that we have the freedom to travel and visit family during the week.

Isn’t it cute? I’m still in the process of ensuring the books are properly cataloged, finding an effective method of organizing/reshelving books, and getting efficiently organized. I’m on my feet for five hours straight with little time in between classes so I need to have my ducks in a row for the time to be as smooth and productive as possible.

I have to admit that one of my favorite aspects of the job is that I get to decorate according to my set theme and season. For now I’ll keep the room summery but soon we’ll be transitioning into fall and as I introduce the semester’s chapter books I’ll bring in more interactive, hands-on décor and activities. I’m planning to read Sarah, Plain and Tall to the 2nd and 3rd graders and have all sorts of fun ideas to go along with it!

Most importantly, I get to spend the majority of my time being what I most love: a keeper of the home. I don’t consider myself having a job, merely a really awesome, fun, creative outlet I get paid for.

I am looking forward to the joys and challenges of adjusting my schedule. I’m a creature of habit so even the simplest bits of change take time for me! (Like cleaning and paying bills on Fridays instead of Thursdays and remembering to make supper ahead of time so Thursday evenings can be spent with my Beloved instead of busyness and cooking). I’ll also be changing my blogging schedule and set aside a day for writing lesson plans.

Which reminds me! I have so many exciting things I cannot wait to write about this season. I’ll be shaking things up with a weekly post on the week’s menus (because I tend to cook the same things over and over again and need some inspiration! ;). I’ll also be sharing some teacherly things as I settle into my role as librarian and P.E. lady. And I cannot forget to write about the good things God has been teaching me in my marriage and personal life.

So, with that all said, I must sign off. My coffee cup is empty and I have a full day of accomplishing tasks (at my own pace) and eventually picking up a few girlies for some time at the public library.

What are you up too? Whatever it is I hope it is full of God’s overabundant grace and love.

With so much love and blessings,





Blog Vacation 101 or How to Get Your Pale Skin Sunburned and Give Your Writing Fingers A Break

That’s a long title to say that I’ll be away from the keyboard for the next week or two.

If you knew me in the real world you would understand and empathize the great struggle I face when I step away from the  laptop and venture into summer’s great heat.

I hate sweating, whimper once sunburned and abhor swimming suits. There just not made for gals like me, ya know?

Nevertheless, I am endeavoring to take a break from writing for a few weeks — blog posts can wait, I’m going to get a tan. Or at least sweat a lot and forget to shave my legs.

But how does an introverted blogger leave her laptop behind and enjoy the beauties of Summer without going mad? These are my tips … be sure to comment your ideas too!

1. Do bring a good book wherever you go.

2. Do spend the time outside scheming and dreaming of future blog posts which will lead to certain fame and fortune, I mean, do let the fresh air and sunshine inspire you to brainstorm.

3. Do delete various spam comments throughout your break. There’s no reason to let those wicked things add up in your comment box.

4. Do relax. Kiss your husband. Kiss your mom. Kiss your sister. Laugh. Play Uno, eat popcorn and watch movies late into the night.

5. Don’t wear sunscreen … unless you want to avoid blisters and pain and be happy in general.

6. Rejoice in the LORD’s day — the sunshine your basking in? He made it. Rejoice and glorify Him by enjoying it fully.

Autumn will be here sooner then we know it and there will be plenty of writing time when the weather has turned and skies are gray.

With love, blessings and a hankering for latte’!


May Giveaway // Announcing

Sweet readers,

thank you for taking this exciting venture with me and helping me make this new site home for Authentic Virtue. Thank you also for sharing your summer memories with me, sharing the love on Facebook, signing up for emails and liking us! I can’t express how much it means to have such involved readers! // p.s. welcome new friends!

I wish that I could send each of you something special … maybe one day I’ll figure that out. 🙂

But until then I am *so happy* to announce the winner of this giveaway:

Miss Barbara is one of the dear ladies whose friendship is a cup of sugar, a bucket of blessings and a lot of fun. I’m so happy you won! (Miss Barbara has been a faithful reader and friend … she even sent D and I a lovely wedding gift!) Readers, do stop by her blog and enjoy a bit of beauty from her Cornish home.

Miss Barbara, I already have your address and as soon as the holiday is over I’ll be mailing the package your way. 🙂

So much love,

Frannie Anne