Just Be You


One of the greatest gifts my husband ever gave me came in the form of three little words:

“Just be you.”

All my life I’ve been one of those weird follower types, despite the fact that I do have a mind of my own. And I hate it. I hate that I’m so suggestible. Of course, when it comes to life convictions I stand firm. But when it comes to the daily stuff like which cleaning product is best and whether or not Chacos are acceptable in all environments I tend to cave in as others share their thoughts. It’s weird and annoying and uncomfortable.

I brought this up to my beloved more then once and every time he washes my worrying, silly soul with gentle, comforting words.

Just be you.

Just be me.

Me who loves being feminine, dancing and icecream.

Me who has big dreams about mission work yet loves the dear place I call home.

Me who loves to blog yet hides it from real life people in embarrassment.

My most recent worry-fest was whether or not I should raise my hands during worship service at church. I wanted to so badly; oh, I wanted to lift my hands in praise and joy. But my silly, cloying thoughts tackled me. “If you raise you’re hands you’ll look like one of those weird, hippie Christians” or “If you raise your hands you’ll look like a super-Christian and that will get your pride puffed up.” I was distracted from worship with self-consumed, worrisome, silly thoughts. I felt confused that I’d even worry about this.

Later, I shared my predicament with D. His response? An exasperated,

“Be yourself, Frannie! Just be you!”

I’m resolved to be more me.

To be okay with who God made me. To raise my hands when I feel the need to and to be comfortable to say that I’m a stay at home wife and loving it. To share with others that I write a blog without feeling ridiculous.

To just be me and trust that, with Christ, that is more then enough.

What do you think? Do you struggle being yourself? Or are you one of those lion-hearted gals? Share with me how you’ve learned to let go of worry and rejoice in who God made you. I’d love to hear about it!

Lots of love and hot coffee,


// p.s. That lovely photo up there? That was taken by my dear, awesomely-talented friend, Amelia Protiva, at our reception. Why not send some love her way at her blog?

The Three Benefits of Postponing Your Honeymoon // Published!

Super exciting!

Remember that one time I wrote about the three benefits we discovered from postponing our honeymoon?

Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum published it a few days ago (link right here!) . Whoo-hoo! Talk about a big event here at our little house! 🙂 Why not stop over and visit Sheila’s place? She always has great thoughts and plenty of encouragement to share.

With lots of love (and plenty of excitement!),