Blog-warming Giveaway

Hello, beautiful people!

Thank you all for following me over to this new blog-home. It was a lot of work (and to be honest I still don’t know what I’m doing 😉 ) but I’m super excited for a fresh place to keep journaling and sharing life with you.

As a sort of “house-warming” I want to giveaway a few goodies to one of you beautiful people.

To let me know that you’d love to find these goodies in your mailbox simply:

  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite summertime memory (1 entry)
  2.  Share the giveaway-love with your friends by sharing this post via your favorite social media (which is now super easy. Use those cute, little buttons below! 😉 ) and leave me the link (1 entry)
  3. Subscribe to Authentic Virtue’s updates either by email or Facebook  (1 – 2 entries)

Pretty easy, right?

Just to recap, you can get a total of 4 entries which will increase your chances. But if you can’t do all of that make sure you leave me a comment telling me of your favorite summertime memory.

I’ll end the giveaway on Friday, May 22nd.

With lots of love, blessings and coffee,

9 thoughts on “Blog-warming Giveaway

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    Oh my goodness, my favorite summertime memory… hmmm…. probably either going to the beach with my family or when we used to spend hours and hours of summer afternoons outside with my cousins. We’d mame up games and play in the pool! It was so fun!

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    Summer time memory…..I think of my childhood, spent living in a house with water frontage…paddling, swimming, playing beach games, sailing in a little boat. Such innocence and happiness.

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    The summer I met my husband and learned the serenity that comes with such an honest love. He truly lights up my life year after year 😍

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    Some of my favorite summertime memories( I can’t just pick one!) are those days spent with my family, evenings when we had bonfires & ate sweet corn by the moonlight & star-gazed. or that hot evening in April when our AC wasn’t installed yet so we took our hot soup & ate outside, swatting at the flies but nonetheless having a great time. Love your blog, Frannie & excited to follow your journey here on your new blog 🙂 much love to you & your family <3

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    So excited for the entries so far!! Thank you all for sharing from your lives … we’ve got a few more days left. Can’t wait! Eeee!

    Lots of love, coffee and blessings,
    Frannie Anne

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    picnics at the lake with my husband is my favorite memory! 🙂 Or going overseas three summers ago. Growing up summer was our busy busy work, work, work time as we did a farmers market booth so that is a very huge memory! a sweet giveaway!

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    Oh goodness! There’s so many… believe it or not I have to list picking up hay bales from the field as one. Another favorite is probably when we got to spend 6 weeks driving out to Oregon for my brother’s wedding and doing some site seeing and such. I also loved the time sitting out under the stars, or camping, and swimming. I’m really looking forward to see what happens this summer!

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