Blogging 101 … After the Great Disappearance

We all do it; we push blogging in to the back corners of our mind hoping to survive the current tidal wave of busyness (i.e. holidays, incoming relatives, math tests or simply, life.) After a while we remember that “Oh yes, I do have this thing called a blog … I wonder if I still have any followers?” We march to the computer hoping to type a great piece of literature only to produce a small, ridiculous post resembling something you wrote back in 6th grade. So, whatever can one do? What should a blogger do after returning from his or her great disappearance?
First, don’t fall off the face of the earth. Literally and figuratively—neither are very good for keeping one’s blog current. (And I mean literally … has anyone seen Gravity? You don’t want to fall off the face earth. Ever.)
Second, don’t make all sorts of excuses for said disappearance. No one needs to know how busy school has been (check), how painful your math class is (check), how you’ve added an extra day to your work schedule (check), how you’ve had out-of-town guests (check), how you had the worst cold (check) and haven’t crawled your weary body into bed  till 12 a.m. every night (double check).
Instead, tell your readers the good things like how much you love fall weather or how good it was to see your college-going brother last weekend. They may enjoy hearing about your recent double date with Dalton (he is feeling much better—thank you for your prayers!), your parents and the Chiweenie, Chloe. Discuss the lessons your Abba Father has been teaching and how He gives so many blessings every day. Tell your Thanksgiving plans, how your first corn maze went or how you have managed to not finish a single book last month but you did manage to clean the scrapbooking area and paint adorable signs for your future nest, I mean, house.
Manage to squeeze some of your quirky humor into a post full of adorable pictures and you, my friend, will have been forgiven for your absence and welcomed back into the blogging community.
At least, I hope you will be welcomed back … because that is exactly what I plan to do.  J
In case you were curious Dalton’s sister took these pictures and didn’t she do a marvelous job! The first one she and her cousin worked together on … I love the heart. The second is of Dalton and I under his shawl; we are not Jewish but Dalton really appreciates and admires the Jewish culture. The last one is one of my favorites! Which one do you like the best?
Love to you, dearies! I’m glad to be back in the writing world and hope to catch up with you soon.
p.s. This post is meant to be fun and lighthearted so please do not think I am saying I do not read posts of day to day stuff … I love reading about your lives in all its fashions! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 … After the Great Disappearance

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    Frannie, we all have times when the computer is the last thing on our minds! Don't worry, you are not forgotten, and I look forward to reading about your life in your posts.
    You and Dalton look so happy together. You are looking amazing!
    The last photo is a very nice one.

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    Welcome back, Frannie!!! I have been waiting for the day!! =) The pictures are awesome — think I would cast my vote the last one. Love you and can't wait to hear more about what has been going on in your life.

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    Lovely post, Frannie! I have missed you, but I know that you have been well occupied with an amazing relationship. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your cold, I'm glad you're better! 🙂 I'd have to agree with the other comments and say that the last photo is my favorite. Because it has your adorable face in it, and it's SUCH a cute pose. 🙂 Well, I hope you had a great Sunday! Love hearing about your courtship and the little thoughts you share. God bless!

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    Well hel-LO there!!! Goodness, it's about time you showed your perky face around here! The blogworld has been so dreary with all of us college girls off doing stuff in the real world … every day or couple of days I log in and think, "Oh, did Frannie … ???" And no, nothing. Not that I've been doing much better, breaking up my log spells of silence with these silly dreary 1AM posts. 😉

    I'm just crazy about your pictures!! Yes, Dalton's sister did a fantastic job! I love all three, but I like the second two best – the praying picture because I enjoy catching a glimpse of what daily life might be like for you two, and then the third one because of the lighting, colors, and your sweet smile. 😉 You look beautiful and happy, and I'm so, so thrilled for you!

    I can't wait to hear more about what's been going on with you! You're welcome to talk about your cold and your math class if you like!!

    Love you, my friend! Hugs!
    ~ Vicki

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