Bramble Cottage // Favorite Things Series

Hey there, sweet peoples!
So happy to be introducing this fun, new series. A Few of My Favorite Things will be a be a summer-time place where I’ll share favorite blogs, lovely things, music, and encouraging books with you. Basically, it will be a place of interacting and inviting you into my life as I share what has been in my home and across my laptop screen. Giveaways may even match … super fun!
This week’s favorite is the blog, Correspondence from Bramble Cottage. Kristin, the beautiful soul behind the screen, is a longtime friend who is married to her John and raising two adorable girlies. Her writings delight, inspire and bless.
My womanly heart has been blessed by Kristin’s poetry and I have laughed when reading her baby daughter’s day-to-day journalings … yes, dear soul, you need to visit Bramble Cottage. Take a cup of goodness when you go … you’ll be scrolling for a while. ♥
I have to share a glimpse of Kristin’s flower garden — isn’t it magical?
With lots of love and sunshine,
// photo credit belongs to John and Kristin Hollback //

5 thoughts on “Bramble Cottage // Favorite Things Series

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      <3 I love that you two are talking!

      Kristin, I have dreamed about Miss Barbara coming to see our area … or me traveling to her part of the world. It was be so special!

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