Catching Up

It is time to catch up with you sweet folk!

I cannot believe all of the sweet, encouraging comments and overall support you all have sent my way. Thank you! Here we are one library, two sunburnt P.E. classes, and three weeks of adjusting to  barely pushing through a new schedule later and I am … thoroughly happy and thoroughly rejuvenating my silly soul.

(Let’s just say yesterday was the first day I was able to stay home all day, write a to-do list which involved only my domestic duties and I managed to stay in my pajamas and watch Netflix’s newest season of Once Upon a Time all day. 😀 )

How are you? Even though I haven’t commented lately I am enjoying reading about the beautiful, hard, growing experiences being sent your way. How is school treating you? Your recent move? Are you resting and growing in strength? I’m so thankful for you friends who take time to bless me while you yourselves are busy.

It’s so nice to be back to blogging and, to be honest, I don’t even know what to write.

I have been so blessed lately. There is a nip of fall in the air (ya’ll know how much I love the beauty of fall) and I’m fighting the urge to break out the autumn décor until the Goldenrod blooms; on that day I will pull out my pumpkins and glittery leaves and stop by a coffee shop for my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Until then I content myself with the occasional sweater (which results in certain sweating) and a cinnamon smelling candle.

School has been such a joy. I am learning so much as a librarian and p.e. teacher! There are the happy experiences like learning about the Dewey Decimal system and creating cute posters for the student’s access while discovering an amazing gift of a friend in the library volunteer. (Hi, Amy! 🙂 There have also been a few unpleasant learning experiences like sending two boys to their teacher, having to enforce the rules and procedures I’ve implemented and discovering that 3rd graders don’t really respect short, quiet, silly people like me … or maybe they’ve too much energy? I don’t know … I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Most of all, I am learning how faithful, good and great our God’s love is for us. I’ve been so busy yet God faithfully communes with me, keeping me with His Holy Spirit. Daily He reminds me of His love and presence. Little gifts redirect me back to the Giver. I m thankful and I want to continue to grow in peaceful trust and rest throughout this new season.

He is good and I am so glad to be His daughter!

With love, blessings and coffee,


6 thoughts on “Catching Up

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    I;m so pleased that you are enjoying the work in the Library, Frannie. I always found it a joy to help the children with their choices and reading skills, and still managed to teach a group of them to use the Dewey system!

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      Miss Barbara, what a delight it is to know you too were a librarian! Ah, I imagine the work and time you spent created many beautiful memories and opportunities for the children. How sweet and fun that we have this in common.

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    Hey Frannie! Sounds like you’re doing tremendously! I’m so excited for you, for this new path. I myself haven’t been blogging a whole lot, because I’ve kind of run out of things to say. Haha. Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying all these new adventures. Also, thank you for keeping your followers updated. I love reading about all that the Lord brings your way!


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      Oh, Kelsey!! So glad you left me your words! You are so sweet and a blessing!!

      I can’t imagine you’ve run out of things to say! That is a fate worse than death! 😉 I hope you are doing well and enjoying your own set of adventures.

      Thank you for keeping in touch!! Lots of love!

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    Hi Frannie! I am so blessed to have met you! 🙂 A book loving, Office watching, coffee drinking kindred spirit! I’m so grateful for your friendship and I enjoy being the library volunteer so much. (I know those active third graders will give us a rest eventually!) 😉 God blessed me with a new friend that I know I will learn so much from, just reading your sweet blog has already helped me so much! Thank you!

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      Oh, Amy, you are so sweet! I cannot tell you how blessed I am by your friendship! Already I have enjoyed so much laughter and comradery — you really are a blessing to me!

      Here’s to making many more memories together as great friends!

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