7 Ways to Make Moving Fun (or less miserable, your pick)

Moving Into a New Rental @ AuthenticVirtue.com

After having just moved I’ve been reminded how crazy, stressful and fun moving can be. Here are seven, tested and tried ways I’ve endeavored to making moving more fun (or less miserable). Enjoy!

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Celebrating Our Baby Again (And Our Misdiagnosed Miscarriage)

Misdiagnosed miscarriage and still pregnant and celebrating!

Well, sweet people, imagine you’ve been given the worst news, experienced two weeks of mourning, and then were given the excited proclamation that hope still lived and thrived.

Welcome to my world of being pregnant with baby Duncan and our misdiagnosed miscarriage.

The facts: 

We’re still pregnant! (Isn’t God good?)

Baby Duncan is 10 weeks and 3 days old with a thriving heartbeat, moving arms and legs and as big as a prune (so cute!) That’s him/her in the picture above at 9 weeks. 🙂

I have a subchorionic hematoma which means I have a blood pocket which has caused the spotting and bleeding and much of the heart ache within the last three months.

The miscarriage was misdiagnosed due to my conception dates being wrong. Due to my irregular cycles, Baby was much younger than first thought. This is part of the reason our midwife missed seeing him/her and assumed we had had a miscarriage.

Although low, I am still considered at risk until the blood pocket is absorbed into the body or empties out.

The Story: 

On June 4th I went in for an ultrasound so we could understand how much longer our miscarriage would take. At this time we had been in the waiting period for two weeks.

Dalton wasn’t able to attend this appointment so I drove to the midwife’s alone, talking out loud, asking the Lord for His will to be done. I’m a very whimsical, imaginative person so hope is very easy for me to cling to; because I know I tend to wear rose colored glasses I spent most of the two weeks preparing myself to be practical, that I was, in fact, going to lose this baby.

But hope is a beautiful thing and deep in the corner of my heart I still asked God to be merciful and let the diagnosis be wrong.

I hopped on the big bed as the midwife jellied my belly and began looking for signs of our miscarriage’s progression. We were both silent, she as she checked and double checked (and checked again!) her screen and I as I looked at what appeared to be a baby where no baby had been before.

I nearly panicked when she remained silent for so long thinking something was amiss or wrong when she spoke words I still love to repeat:

Well, Frannie, there appears to be a baby in there! 

Of course, you can imagine the mass confusion, hysteria and nervous questions which came flowing.

Undeniably, there was an 8 week old baby with a steady heartbeat.

Since that moment, God has filled me with beautiful, amazing hope and praise.

I’ve since been referred to a specialist in Columbia, Missouri. I went in for an ultrasound with him at 9 weeks and he confirmed that baby appeared to be fabulous. The heart beat is high (170 per minute) and growth is perfect for our new due date, January 9th, one day after my birthday.

You can imagine the amazing, emotional roller-coaster life has been. I’m incredibly in awe, shock and wonder. I’m still going to have this baby. Dalton is still going to be a Daddy. God has still given us a little one, that for now, looks like we’re going to keep.

The Fears: 

Of course, fear is never far around the corner. Just last night we spent several hours in the ER due to sudden bleeding. But when the kind ER doctor turned off the lights and began the ultrasound she encouraged us with the words, “Baby’s heartbeat still looks great.” She believes I experienced bleeding because the blood pocket was emptying. Because baby looked so great and I’ve experienced no major cramps she felt she could encourage our hearts and say that all is well.

I’m also afraid of sharing news when I’ve already been wrong. I’m afraid of making mistakes and the thought of announcing our pregnancy, announcing a miscarriage, and now re-announcing our pregnancy freaks me out. I want the whole world to celebrate Baby Duncan (because all life is worth celebrating!) but I’m afraid I’ll have to make another major announcement and that scares me.

Finally, I’m scared of truly having a miscarriage. I’ve already “lost” this baby once; I’m afraid my heart couldn’t take it again.

The Truths:

Despite all my fears the truth is very simple: we have a healthy, growing, heart-beating baby who has surprised us all.

I’m experiencing all the normal pregnancy related symptoms like nausea, bloating, food cravings and aversions, growth cramps, and fatigue. (Whoo-hoo for being sick even though I don’t always feel that way) 😉

The only worry is my blood pocket which many women experience and still have healthy babies

I don’t know why we went through this. I don’t blame our midwife; I believe I am her first miscarriage misdiagnoses after 20 plus years of experience and successful checkups and deliveries. Her equipment isn’t the top of the line tech you’d find in a specialist’s office but I know there are women who have had miscarriages misdiagnosed by even those expensive pieces.

Right Now:

So, here we are, celebrating our baby’s life. I am so thankful that God saw it fit to let baby be well despite all the worry, fear, and misdiagnoses. I praise Him for being good to us, carrying us through a very stressful time. I’m also grateful for all the amazing friends and family who have been quick to celebrate, then support, and now celebrate again.

Currently, I’ve been ordered to a less active life. But according to Dalton that means almost complete bed rest. 😉 He’s been such a darling, sweet, caring husband. He means to do all the laundry, dish washing and other chores I typically care for until the bleeding subsides and we’re assured the blood pocket can cause no more alarm.

We are so blessed; mainly because through all this crazy upset God has carried us both through magnificently. Even though our experience has been so hard God has walked us through and blessed us with growing love for each other and His goodness and Person.

So, that’s it. Welcome back into the limelight Baby Duncan. We think you’re pretty amazing.

Love, blessings, and coffee,


Current Life

Today's goal: to be an abiding woman not a doing woman. #authenticvirtueblog

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Hello, sweet people.

Today’s life goal? Eating enough and keeping my overwhelmed heart at bay.

It’s been a crazy, beauty-filled week with our out-of-town trip to see family and now news that the lovely rental we’re crazy about is ours and ready for a June 1st lease. Top that off with my body still in the miscarriage process and you’ve got the perfect mixture for my sitting around all day craving junk food, good books and a lack of packing.

It’s okay though. As much as I want to be super woman, I’m not; this season of life is pointing out that fact quite clearly.

I do want to take the time to say thank you to all you amazing people who reached out to us and sent your words of love and guaranteed prayers. We’re doing really well. Of course, sad days come and go but God is still good and we’re resting in Him during this days together.

Which reminds me of something … Dalton. He’s simply the best. It really doesn’t matter how sad, grumpy or hormonal I am — he proves himself to be in love with me, and more importantly, in love with God. His care is absolutely perfect and I couldn’t imagine living life with any other man.

(When you’re man hunting look for someone who will be able to hear your heart and help you bear hard days. Look for someone who chooses to understand your hurt all while finding ways to make you smile. These men aren’t perfect so don’t look for that … just look for someone who is truly, fully in love with God. )

So, life is busy right now. I’ve so many exciting plans for our new (bigger!) rental. It has a fireplace, an adorable 1950’s yellow kitchen (with an oven insert and island), and many built-ins. My favorite part? A large porch partially hidden by bushes. I expect many good, coffee-filled mornings spent in that place of refuge.

We have family coming this Sunday to help load our U-Haul and unload at our new home 5 miles across town. The first time we moved we did it in 5 days and completely on our own (we liked the challenge). But help sounds perfect this time around and I’m looking forward creating a home from our new rental.

I may a be a bit quiet over the coming weeks but know that I am so thankful for you. I’ll have a lot of fun sharing pictures of our new home, a post on my morning routine, and more words on the gains and losses this miscarriage has brought. There’s a lot of good in pain and God always leads us through loss in love.

Hope to be writing soon!

Love, blessings and coffee,


Celebrating Baby Duncan

Celebrating at AuthenticVirtue.com

 “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalms 34:8

It’s true, sweet friends! Dalton and I are expecting our very own little one around December 28th. There’s so much I want to say but mostly we want to point toward our Abba Daddy, Who gives so many good gifts, and thank Him. We’re excited, in rapture, and full of joy. Two years of waiting has had its ups and downs but we know God does everything for a reason and I’m looking forward to celebrating this journey and enjoying it fully.

I hesitated sharing our news so early (I’m almost 7 weeks along) but this is something we have waited two years for and believe our little baby, however young and vulnerable, is worthy of great celebrations and massive amounts of confetti throwing! 🙂

(Can you tell we are over-the-moon excited?)

Be prepared for monthly baby-bump updates (I’ve always wanted to do those) 🙂 and new blog posts documenting my journey toward motherhood and all the lessons God will send me.

With love, blessings, (and a little less) coffee,


Currently in the Duncan Home // May Series

Currently Series with Authentic Virtue Blog

Crafting: Handmade cards. I so enjoy hand lettering and creating cards to send to sweet people.

Anticipating: The last day of school! Ah … school lets out in seventeen days and I’m already antsy. Until then, I’m anticipating finishing strong in my last two weeks as well as a few substitute days I’m scheduled to do. I do love working with these young people!

Planning: Visiting family! As soon as school lets out we hope to drive down and enjoy the delights of family. Maybe even visit the river?

Dreaming: Of babies! (It’s that time of year …) 😉 For some reason I’e got baby-fever and I going crazy pinning nursery designs and dreaming up ways I’d house a little one. Follow my Pinterest for darling baby pins!

Smelling: Fresh, clean summer breezes! I am loving this time of year; it isn’t too warm yet and we’re just starting to get our spring thunderstorms.

Eating: Lots of salads and simple (but satisfying!)  meals. I’ve begun following Trim Healthy Mama’s meal ideas which is super helpful in planning out the week’s meals. I’ve always been good at meal planning but I struggled in sticking with it. So, rotating between S Meals (Satisfying and full of fats) and E Meals (Energizing with a side of carbs) has been super simple and helpful.

Plus, I’ve been eating a good amount of this homemade chocolate and not feeling guilty about it! 😉

Celebrating: Finding friends! Haha! At the beginning of the school year I met my wonderful friend Amy. I’ve become great friends with her — she is such a joy to me! Earlier this week we got together with our husbands for the first time and had a grand time playing Mario Party late into the night (for us early birds!). 😀

It was so fun and I thank the Lord for giving us a “couple friend.” I’ve been praying God would send a like-minded couple our way to have fun with and grow together with and He answered! 😀

Enjoying: Working out! 😉 I’m only a week in but so far I love this sustainable plan Dalton has helped me get on. I’m aiming to do hard, intensive, short workouts at least once a day. It looks a lot like this:

Monday: 15 Minute Leg and Butt Workout. I’m following this one (warning: tight leggings ahead) 😉

Tuesday: Stretching Day (Since I spend 5 hours on my feet and running around with kids for p.e.)

Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk downtown

Thursday: Stretching Day (Since I’m, once again, on my feet and pooped at the end of my 5 hour library class.)

Friday: Weight Lifting Day focusing on arms and shoulders (I lift until I can’t any more and take a break but come back 2-4 times in the day repeating the process).

Saturday: 2.5 mile walk downtown OR 15 Minute Leg and Butt Workout

Sunday: Stretch Day

Reading: Almost finished with Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. Lately, I’ve been reading chapters in place of a devotional. It’s so deep!

I’m also enjoying light reading and am working my way through Lori Wicks Tucker Mill Trilogy. 😀

What does your late spring look like? What are you reading? Dreaming about? Anticipating? I would love to know! Leave me a comment below so we can talk about it! 🙂 

Love, blessings and coffee,