Bench DIY // Easy, Cheap, Beautiful Patio Spot

Hello, little patio/driveway/small house outside area.

Oh, you look so lonely.

So empty.

So barren.

I know what. I’ll buy you some patio furnishings … oh, wait. I needed new glasses this month not a $200 seating arrangement.

Hmmm …

Thanks to a little bit of persistence, a lot of Pinterest, this great tutorial and 2 hours of shopping at Lowes (and one awesome, patient husband) our outside area looks a little happier, a little homier than normal.

I promise this bench is as comfy, cute and fun as it was cheap, easy and quick.

For 4 blocks, 2 pieces of wood (which we had cut in half), and 1 concrete glue container we paid the hefty price of $25. I’m half tempted to make one long bench to join this cutie. Eventually, I’ll stain/seal the wood. But for now the patio is happy, I am happy and my bum is happy — cute places to sit will do that. 😉

Question: What creative thing have you made lately? What’s keeping you from making it?

With lots of love and a happy seat!