Celebrating Baby Duncan

Celebrating at AuthenticVirtue.com

 “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalms 34:8

It’s true, sweet friends! Dalton and I are expecting our very own little one around December 28th. There’s so much I want to say but mostly we want to point toward our Abba Daddy, Who gives so many good gifts, and thank Him. We’re excited, in rapture, and full of joy. Two years of waiting has had its ups and downs but we know God does everything for a reason and I’m looking forward to celebrating this journey and enjoying it fully.

I hesitated sharing our news so early (I’m almost 7 weeks along) but this is something we have waited two years for and believe our little baby, however young and vulnerable, is worthy of great celebrations and massive amounts of confetti throwing! 🙂

(Can you tell we are over-the-moon excited?)

Be prepared for monthly baby-bump updates (I’ve always wanted to do those) 🙂 and new blog posts documenting my journey toward motherhood and all the lessons God will send me.

With love, blessings, (and a little less) coffee,


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Celebrating Baby Duncan

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    Frannie, I was sitting in the lobby of my building this afternoon, waiting for my Jimmy John’s order to arrive; and I saw this post and two giant tears of joy sprang to my eyes. Of course I’d suspected something was in the works by the increase in baby-related pins on your Pinterest boards lately … but suspecting and knowing are so, so different, and I almost jumped up to start dancing right then and there!!

    You and Dalton will be the sweetest parents in the world; and I pray that you will be drawn closer together in love as you work to create a world of sunshine, love, truth, and grace for your little one. I will pray for the three of you – for you, that you would feel strong and well, and find joy in learning how to care for your changing body; for Dalton, that he would find new strength and excitement in preparing to become a father, and that he would walk gently alongside you on your journey; and for your beautiful, wonderful baby, that his or her precious body and mind would develop as they should, and that even from this very early time of his or her life, s/he would know how much s/he is loved and cherished.

    I love you, Frannie, and it is my heart’s pleasure to celebrate this blessing with you!!!

    Tearful hugs and laughing sniffles,

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      Oh, Vicki! You are too dear!!

      Thank you for celebrating with us! You’re such a good friend! I wish I could have told you in person!

      And thank you for your prayers!! We appreciate all of them!

      Eeeeee! Isn’t God good? <3

      Love to you and many happy hugs and jumping up and down with you!

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