Celebrating Our Baby Again (And Our Misdiagnosed Miscarriage)

Misdiagnosed miscarriage and still pregnant and celebrating!

Well, sweet people, imagine you’ve been given the worst news, experienced two weeks of mourning, and then were given the excited proclamation that hope still lived and thrived.

Welcome to my world of being pregnant with baby Duncan and our misdiagnosed miscarriage.

The facts: 

We’re still pregnant! (Isn’t God good?)

Baby Duncan is 10 weeks and 3 days old with a thriving heartbeat, moving arms and legs and as big as a prune (so cute!) That’s him/her in the picture above at 9 weeks. 🙂

I have a subchorionic hematoma which means I have a blood pocket which has caused the spotting and bleeding and much of the heart ache within the last three months.

The miscarriage was misdiagnosed due to my conception dates being wrong. Due to my irregular cycles, Baby was much younger than first thought. This is part of the reason our midwife missed seeing him/her and assumed we had had a miscarriage.

Although low, I am still considered at risk until the blood pocket is absorbed into the body or empties out.

The Story: 

On June 4th I went in for an ultrasound so we could understand how much longer our miscarriage would take. At this time we had been in the waiting period for two weeks.

Dalton wasn’t able to attend this appointment so I drove to the midwife’s alone, talking out loud, asking the Lord for His will to be done. I’m a very whimsical, imaginative person so hope is very easy for me to cling to; because I know I tend to wear rose colored glasses I spent most of the two weeks preparing myself to be practical, that I was, in fact, going to lose this baby.

But hope is a beautiful thing and deep in the corner of my heart I still asked God to be merciful and let the diagnosis be wrong.

I hopped on the big bed as the midwife jellied my belly and began looking for signs of our miscarriage’s progression. We were both silent, she as she checked and double checked (and checked again!) her screen and I as I looked at what appeared to be a baby where no baby had been before.

I nearly panicked when she remained silent for so long thinking something was amiss or wrong when she spoke words I still love to repeat:

Well, Frannie, there appears to be a baby in there! 

Of course, you can imagine the mass confusion, hysteria and nervous questions which came flowing.

Undeniably, there was an 8 week old baby with a steady heartbeat.

Since that moment, God has filled me with beautiful, amazing hope and praise.

I’ve since been referred to a specialist in Columbia, Missouri. I went in for an ultrasound with him at 9 weeks and he confirmed that baby appeared to be fabulous. The heart beat is high (170 per minute) and growth is perfect for our new due date, January 9th, one day after my birthday.

You can imagine the amazing, emotional roller-coaster life has been. I’m incredibly in awe, shock and wonder. I’m still going to have this baby. Dalton is still going to be a Daddy. God has still given us a little one, that for now, looks like we’re going to keep.

The Fears: 

Of course, fear is never far around the corner. Just last night we spent several hours in the ER due to sudden bleeding. But when the kind ER doctor turned off the lights and began the ultrasound she encouraged us with the words, “Baby’s heartbeat still looks great.” She believes I experienced bleeding because the blood pocket was emptying. Because baby looked so great and I’ve experienced no major cramps she felt she could encourage our hearts and say that all is well.

I’m also afraid of sharing news when I’ve already been wrong. I’m afraid of making mistakes and the thought of announcing our pregnancy, announcing a miscarriage, and now re-announcing our pregnancy freaks me out. I want the whole world to celebrate Baby Duncan (because all life is worth celebrating!) but I’m afraid I’ll have to make another major announcement and that scares me.

Finally, I’m scared of truly having a miscarriage. I’ve already “lost” this baby once; I’m afraid my heart couldn’t take it again.

The Truths:

Despite all my fears the truth is very simple: we have a healthy, growing, heart-beating baby who has surprised us all.

I’m experiencing all the normal pregnancy related symptoms like nausea, bloating, food cravings and aversions, growth cramps, and fatigue. (Whoo-hoo for being sick even though I don’t always feel that way) 😉

The only worry is my blood pocket which many women experience and still have healthy babies

I don’t know why we went through this. I don’t blame our midwife; I believe I am her first miscarriage misdiagnoses after 20 plus years of experience and successful checkups and deliveries. Her equipment isn’t the top of the line tech you’d find in a specialist’s office but I know there are women who have had miscarriages misdiagnosed by even those expensive pieces.

Right Now:

So, here we are, celebrating our baby’s life. I am so thankful that God saw it fit to let baby be well despite all the worry, fear, and misdiagnoses. I praise Him for being good to us, carrying us through a very stressful time. I’m also grateful for all the amazing friends and family who have been quick to celebrate, then support, and now celebrate again.

Currently, I’ve been ordered to a less active life. But according to Dalton that means almost complete bed rest. 😉 He’s been such a darling, sweet, caring husband. He means to do all the laundry, dish washing and other chores I typically care for until the bleeding subsides and we’re assured the blood pocket can cause no more alarm.

We are so blessed; mainly because through all this crazy upset God has carried us both through magnificently. Even though our experience has been so hard God has walked us through and blessed us with growing love for each other and His goodness and Person.

So, that’s it. Welcome back into the limelight Baby Duncan. We think you’re pretty amazing.

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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Celebrating Our Baby Again (And Our Misdiagnosed Miscarriage)

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    OH OH OH OH OH!!!!

    Oh Frannie, I know there are no promises and our delicate hearts want to be cautious and “realistic”; but for a few moments at least, I am choking back tears of joy that Ollie is still with us!! God’s mercies truly are new every morning!!!

    A thousand delights and congratulations, dear Frannie!!

    Hugs and laughter!!

    1. Avatar

      Hehehehehee!! Oh, Vicki! Isn’t this good news? thank you for laughing and rejoicing with us. Thank you for understanding my trepidation but still smiling with me!!! It means so much!

      God is SO GOOD!!

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    We are so happy for you Frannie. God is so good. Sorry you have been on a rollercoster ride of emotions.
    This happened in my pregnancy with Lynnea. I was on rest & all was well. We will be praying for you. You got a kind & understanding husband. God is always with us during the things we go thru.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Dan and Linda for your sweet, encouraging note. I so appreciate it.

      Thank you especially for sharing from your experience. God has been so good to me and I know He will continue to carry us.

      Blessings to you!!

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      Yes! Miss Mary Jane you are so right. God is amazing and so kind and good. Thank you for your words of love — I’m doing my best to take life slow and easy! 😉

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    Hey!! That’s exciting! We are due 9 days apart! We are moving and were painting, cleaning, and fixing up out house and in the midst of the stress I started bleeding. I thought I’d lost it but nothing went away and I never felt like I bled enough to have lost it. The midwife was very kind and let me come in early for a sono just to see… At first she couldn’t find a baby although she looked and looked. Finally she went and got the tech and she was able to find it! I lay there and cried while they found the spot behind the placenta that the bleeding had come from! I’m so happy God allowed us both to keep our little ones! 🙂

    1. Avatar

      Oh, Rosemary! I am SO blessed and happy to hear the news that God showed you where the bleeding was coming from and gave you comfort. It can be such a hard and difficult time and I am so happy for you!

      I also love that our babies are due so close together. When is your baby’s due date? 🙂

      Blessings to you as you recover from the stress and find ways to again enjoy your pregnancy. Love to you!

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        I’m actually due January 18 but because of having had 3 c-sections the baby will be born for sure by the 11th.

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    Wonderful news!!!! I too had a large sub chorionic hematoma and my daughter is now 6!!! It was the scariest time bleeding suddenly many times in my 37 week pregnancy when I finally had a c-section but she was born perfect!! Hold onto you faith and follow doctors orders (tmi, but I was also on pelvic rest) and take it easy and just enjoy growing your baby!!!

    1. Avatar

      Hello, Kristi, and thank you for stopping by and leaving your experience!

      I always feel so encouraged when women share similar stories. I’m SO blessed an happy your story ended happily. So you continued to bleed the entire pregnancy? I’ve been curious how long I would spot/bleed or if it would end.

      Again, thank you for sharing your sweet story an encouragement! <3

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        Unfortunately I bled bled until about 28 weeks. Sometimes hemorrhaging type bleeding where we were sure we were losing her, to random spotting that was still just as scary actually. I had ultrasounds with my specialist every two weeks until I was 35 weeks and they were sure the bleeding was done. At that time, I was released to my OB and two weeks later had a baby! I don’t want you to be frightened by my story, my bleed was quite large. I can’t remember the exact measurement. But I wasn’t allowed to walk much, lift anything over 5 pounds and was on total pelvic rest (poor hubby)!! But seeing my little girl every two weeks on ultrasound was amazing and I was able to confirm each time that she was still indeed a girl! I had her at 37 weeks via c-section which had nothing at all due to the bleed but due to her heart rate dropping with contractions. When I first heard her cry, I knew miracles really could happen! Enjoy your pregnancy and follow hubby’s orders, he seems to know you need the rest (my hubby was the same way)!

        1. Avatar

          Thank you for coming back and sharing more of your story! I really appreciate it. 🙂

          You did have a long, scary time! I’m learning to accept that I may continue spotting/bleeding off and on and that it doesn’t necessarily mean something horrible. I’ll be in to see our midwife soon and she’ll do an ultrasound — I’m starting to become reliant on those! 😉 But I am only 11 weeks (tomorrow!) and I know many women with bleeds tend to stop after some time.

          I guess we’ll see. 🙂

          Thank you again for sharing!!

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    OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! I am so incredibly in awe and I am so excited for you all once again.

    Concern is ALWAYS there when you have had an experience with pregnancy that wasn’t the outcome you imagined. Each new pregnancy brings those memories back…It’s just our natural instinct.

    You will find that peaceful place once again and you will enjoy this very special pregnancy once again. What a story to be shared one day!

    Thinking of you and praising God for this precious one.

    1. Avatar

      Miss Debbie, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment! It was great to hear from you!

      And thank you for the sweet advice and insight. I’m not usually a worrier but this pregnancy is teaching me even more to simply rest and trust the Lord.

      Thank you again for your sweetness. Blessings to you!

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    I am so very thrilled to hear this news, Frannie!!! I am rejoicing and thanking the Lord with you! What an incredible gift and blessing from Him! I had been praying for you and Dalton as you walked through the season of grief . . . and now my prayers will be changing! I am praying for you and your precious baby and the Lord’s hand of protection over him/her. (By the way, if you’re ever up in Columbia and have a moment, it would be lovely to meet you!)

    1. Avatar

      Sarah! Hello and thank you for joining in on our celebration! Isn’t God so good?

      Thank you for your past and continued prayers. I so appreciate them. God has been so kind and good to us — it is just beautiful thinking of what He has given.

      And I would love to meet! I know I email once/commented again but I cannot remember the contact info you gave me and I seem to have lost it in the original email. How can we connect again? My email is authentic_virtue@yahoo.com or, if you comment back, I can send you my phone number somehow.

      Blessings to you!!

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    this just makes me so happy! I am so glad that God is surprising you with this gift. Praying for you as you continue to walk this journey and for health and wisdom. SO excited for you!

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    I totally understand everything you have gone through. After intermittent spotting and an ultrasound around 6 weeks, I was told my pregnancy was not viable. My doctor advised a D&C for a few days later. I insisted on one more week and one more ultrasound. A week later, I saw a beating heart on the ultrasound! The baby was a little younger than we had thought, hence the misdiagnosis. Praise God that I decided to wait that extra week. I am now 7 weeks pregnant (after adjusting for the new gestational age). I have another appointment in a couple days. I’m praying for a continued healthy pregnancy. Prayers for you and your new baby. God is good and he never shows up too late.

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      Hello and welcome, Ashlee!! Oh, I thank the our Heavenly Father for watching out for you and your sweet baby! What a blessing and joy to discover that he/she is still there with a happy heart beating away.

      It’s amazing to me how often misdiagnosed miscarriages actually happen; I’m so glad you decided to wait a week and asked for a second ultrasound. That is SUPER important. <3

      Blessings to you and your little one. I would love to hear more from you as your pregnancy progresses!

      Love and blessings,

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    Thank you very much for sharing your story me . I am going through something similar… No heartbeat seen at first US. I was so crushed. But after a day I decided not to receive that news. I have no other symptoms & have no bleeding or pain. Still have pregnancy symptoms. I have praying & am trusting God to have His way. It’s been a week since the dreaded visit. I’m scheduled for another appt next week, but am seriously considering changing OBs, There is a more thorough office in town. My Dr. didn’t order any blood work. I just felt clueless…. Sooooo, your story gives me so much hope & builds up my faith in God all the more. He IS Good, Kind& He knows what’s BEST for US, His children. Thanking God for your praise report & your Lil Miracle. May God continue to bless you & your family

    1. Avatar

      Hello, sweet Krista!

      I am SO sorry to be responding months later. IF you ever look back, I would love to hear fro you again and know whatever happened with your sweet baby.

      God bless you for having faith and hope and for being willing to get a 2nd opinion. That is my biggest piece of advice to women who believe they have gotten a misdiagnoses.

      Blessings and love to you friend; I hope to hear how you are doing. <3


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