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Chalkboard Love

Hello, sweet people and welcome.

Have you ever found that you just love something? A style, color or texture that, no matter its current popularity, you find yourself drawn to?

Sweet friend, indulge that love. Whether its a fascination with gingham, chickens or hand lettering, do what you enjoy. Often, we’re tempted to decorate, dress or behave in ways that are contrary to our God-fashioned nature. I can’t count the times I’ve bought something or dressed in a way simply because it’s what a darling friend does or magazine cover prints.

Confidence in being at peace with your love for chickens, English garden roses or quirky style is a sign of maturity and grace.

Chalkboard love

My style? Maryjane shoes, feminine, calf-length skirts, big headscarves, and peacoats. My hobbies? Handlettering, decorating, writing, and reading. My favorites? Sunshine, chalkboards, lattes, gifts, and country landscapes. My décor style? Cottage, Hobbit-home, Shabby, Home-y, Warm.

Chalkboard loveChalkboard loveWhen we learn to be okay with our unique personalities and enjoyments we learn to smile more, worry less and blossom right where we are at.

It’s lovely.

Be you, sweet person. Tell me, what are your favorites? I would love to know.

Love, blessings, coffee (and a whole lotta chalkboards! 😉 )


5 thoughts on “Chalkboards + Pep Talks

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    Frannie your blog always makes me smile and seems to speak to me about something I’ve either struggled with or know someone who is. I loved this article.
    My favorites are rainy days, hot tea, my family and Cozy Mystery books.

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    You are so right!! The best thing we can be is our own unique, quirky, special selves! I love seeing what brings others joy but I’ve stopped trying to copy them when it’s not my style. Everyone being unique is what makes the world so interesting and wonderful! 🙂
    A few of my favorites- Books, owls, cardinals, and little birds, candles, comfy well-worn jeans and unique funny t-shirts, drawings and crafts made by those I love, cartoon/video game characters, mismatched well-loved furniture, and sweet little animal decorations. 🙂

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      I agree! 🙂 It’s a lesson I’m still learning but being me is a lot more fun than being a copy of someone else.

      I really like hearing your favorites! I can totally see most of them from knowing you and spending time in your nest! 🙂

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    Oh Frannie! This a topic which has always been near and dear to my heart. Learning to appreciate the GOD given desires of my heart, and not hide them. It is probably only within the past few months I can truly say, I do not care what others will think of my passions. GOD has created in me a love for chickens, sharks, polka dots, sad music, rainy days, and craftiness. I like bright pops of colors in my outfits, but also love to wear black and camo. I might like pirate flags and trying to appear more “big, bad and menacing” in my Jeep than I should. But the peony I have hanging from my rearview mirror proves otherwise… 😀

    Thank-you for sharing your heart on this matter. I appreciate who GOD has created you to be, and your willingness to share it. 🙂

    Now go decorate some more chalkboards. 😀

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