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Ah, me … how happy I am to be alive and well in the month of August. Rain has been soaking our dry grounds, college beckons me to class, and lessons are being learned. Thank you all for the sweet messages I received after my last post–such encouragement given! I am so glad to count you as my dear friends and sisters in Christ even when distance separates so. 🙂

This post will be a mirage of items all stuck in a few short lengthy paragraphs. 🙂 First, I want to tell you about the many pleasant things which recently occurred.

 In honor of last month’s goal to visit the zoo I must share a few pictures. We so  enjoyed visiting St. Louis’ zoo. It is a lovely place full of well-kept grounds, yummy smelling foods and of course many animals. We arrived at eight o’clock in the morning and had a blast visiting the different areas. My favorite animals of the day? The fluffy chickens, hippos, the big cats, and the grizzly bear. D loved seeing the akapi best. 🙂 It was extra special to have been joined by my mother-in-love, sister-in-love, and niece. So fun!

a meerkat or two

a naked mole rat // these are the funniest creatures

hello, from the Duncans!

a red panda sneaking away
The following days have been just as pleasant. Last month, we made the decision to begin a non-rushed hunt for a new home to rent. I spend a lot of time looking for houses, touring them, and then informing the hopeful landlords that it isn’t what we’re looking for but I hope someone bites soon. 🙂 We both liked this apartment though … a third story, well preserved home from the early 1900’s. What’s not to love? even though this home isn’t for us I hope it will find a happy tenant soon!  

Last Thursday was our 5th month anniversary! 🙂 I really have fun celebrating these little milestones … next month we will be married half a year. Time really does fly by when you’re having fun!
For the special day, my beloved planned a very sweet surprise for me. Early in the day, before getting ready for work, Dalton left the house saying he needed to run some errands. (Which is very odd since we tend to run to town together … but D can sometimes be unpredictable in the best of ways so I’ve learned to have fun with it.)
After coming home D announced that he had carefully planned a scavenger hunt for me throughout Jefferson City and that after finding all the clues I would get a surprise! 🙂 Of course I was flabbergasted … how does this man do it?! With a kiss on the lips, a pat on my backside, and a happy grin he urged me to begin the hunt while he prepared and left for work.

 It was so much fun scavenging the city. My first clue led me to the local library where I found the next set of instructions under a statue of a large basset hound in the children’s section.  From there I walked on toward the river where an imitation Liberty Bell hangs and where the next clue was hiding. Then I walked on to our favorite pizza place, Arris Pizza, and was shocked to find Dalton’s truck parked … but the man himself was gone! I didn’t know what to think so I assumed one of his coworkers had picked him up and gone on into work. So, as the clue instructed, I drove the truck to a local movie and book store where I found the last clue enclosed in a movie case. 🙂 The final paper told me to drive to Central Dairy, a delicious ice cream shop, where I was to piece together the clues. The answer: Look In The Glovebox. I looked and found a leave slip and right then my Prince came walking up to the truck! The dear man had secretly taken the day off! It was a lovely day and one I will always remember … I’m so grateful for my fun, thoughtful, creative husband!

What else have I been up to? Well, I have been enjoying this series:
And I have been having a blast creating invitations for my sister and my sister-in-love’s baby showers … but I can’t show you that without giving away some surprise details. 😉
Do tell me how you are doing … what is going on in your lives? I always love hearing from friends! 

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