Chickens and a Lovely Award

 Hello dear sisters! A few days ago it was a beautiful day, in weather and activity. You may think my calling this day beautiful very strange when I tell you what  I did. . .processed chickens! My dear friends, the Protivas, have a poultry farm and a way to see them was by joining in on a butcher day! My assigned job was to double check for any stray feathers (I know you all desire a more colorful job-description, but I’ll leave it to your capable imaginations :o).  Needless to say, it was a fun, hard-working, and enjoyable day! Thank you dear Protivas for allowing me to join in on the work and fellowship! 
On a more lovely note, I was kindly given an award. Isn’t it sweet? Sarah from Country Musings was so kind to give it to me! Thank you Sarah for being so thoughtful and if any of my readers are looking for an uplifting blog, please visit Sarah’s! Normally, I award awards to all of my followers since I use to have only eight known readers. However, I have been blessed with a few more (thank you all!). Now I’ve been faced with the difficult choice of choosing. . .I’m not good at choosing, especially when I have so many lovely things to choose from!

I would like to award:

Charis from Winsome Composition
Kendra from Ismikendra
Jenna from Feminine Farmgirl
Hannah Grace at Hannah Grace’s Blog
Brittany from Richly Blessed (Happy late Birthday!) 🙂
Addie from Girlish Musings
Hannah at Hannah of Marilla Heights

May the Lord bless your day sisters!
Your sister in Christ,

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