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Hello, dearest friends!

Oh, what a terrible blogger I have been — the last few weeks have been full and bright and busy. We’ve been blessed with holiday feasts and family, guests camping out on our couches, shopping sprees, and work. I have projects, dreams, and goals bubbling out of my ears! Shall I press on and finish my teaching degree or simply rearrange my credits and get an associates degree and TESOL certification? What about my plans for designing and printing invitations as a small business? My children’s book? This multi-tasking, list-making, dreaming girl doesn’t quite know what to do. Of course, my disciplined, project-finishing stud of a husband is right: just start on one thing and finish it. Oh, if only it were as simple as that, am I right? 😉

In the mean time I’m busy wrapping presents, babysitting, and sending you a Christmas gift!

Well, at least one of you. :]


It would make me so happy to send one of you this lovely, Thai, handmade bracelet as a special holiday treat! To let me know you’d like to enter this bit of Christmas fun please comment below and share one of your favorite Christmas memories. On the eve of Friday, December 19th, my hubby and I will draw a name and announce that night. Oh, I am so excited … there is nothing more joyous than giving a specially wrapped gift to a friend.  This is not a promoting giveaway — simply a way to give to one of my readers; do feel free to share with your friends … it is always fun to share joy.

So, my darling peoples, please share your happiest, best memories of Christmas … I’ll be counting down the days!

Merry Christmas, lovelies!

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    One of my favorite Christmas memories, is when I was little and we'd go to my Mom's family's house, and I just loved the huge Christmas trees they had. All the lights were mesmerizing. And I loved changing into my jammies and falling asleep on the car ride home, all excited for Santa to arrive <3

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    My favorite Christmas memory was when I saw snow for the first time in my life. I grew up in Houston, TX, where it is quite warm and almost never snows. Well on Christmas Eve of 2004 when I was 13, I was at church, acting in our annual Christmas play of the birth of Christ. Afterwards, we (the congregation) were all enjoying hot chocolate and the many sweets provided by the women in our church when one of my friends came running to up to me and the other kids/teens and shouted, "HEY EVERYONE!! IT'S SNOWING!!!" All of us kids ran outside as fast as we could, and sure enough it was snowing.

    After an hour or so my family went home and played in the snow while it accumulated to a total of around 2 inches, which isn't much, but to people who had never experienced snow, it was amazing. My siblings and I decided to build a large snowman and I was given the laborious task of collecting snow that had accumulated on vehicles on our street, but I was having so much fun in the snow that I didn't care. My 3 older siblings and I made a 6 foot tall snowman that donned a sombrero. We were outside building it until 1 in the morning and my parents didn't yell at us to go to bed because they saw how much fun we were having.

    That is a Christmas memory that I will always cherish. God really brought my family together and I am so thankful for it to this day.

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    My favourite memories are to do with Christmas morning when three little ones would climb into my bed, eager to share their Christmas stocking goodies! Warm and cuddly, what a treat to have my children snuggled up by me.

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    My favorite memories are waking up before the sunrise., running around the house to collect everyone then meeting downstairs around the Christmas tree. With coffee in hand and still wearing pjs, each person passed a present around the room while we talked about all the blessings that year we were thankful for. 🙂

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    One of my favorites Christmas memories is going caroling with the draft horses and hay wagon. The stars would twinkle like a million gems. Dad would be in a jolly mood, and the folks we sang to would be so tickled for us to show up like that. Dad let me drive some and I felt so magnificent holding the lines. I was sure I could send silent
    communication to the horses through them. Instead I almost took out a mailbox.
    Kristin H.

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    fun to read your goals – I often have the same problem…way too many ideas running around in my head!

    Christmas season is my absolute favorite – different this year but so fun to start traditions with my man.

    growing up my family did lots for the holiday season…caroling, parties, etc. My favorite times are late Christmas eve when it's just us and we play games (or watch a Cmas movie) and in the morn have a special brunch.

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    Like Charis said, it's fun to read your goals. I have been feeling much the same of late. And like your husband, my husband has to slow me down and sit me down to finish one project before another. Aren't husbands such a blessing? 😀

    There are so many Christmas memories I cherish. But the one that tops them all is when Justin asked me to become his bride. (I posted about that this week if ya wanna check it out)

    Have a wonderful Christmas season, my friend!


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    I am *loving* your sharing your memories with me! As I read each of your precious thoughts I feel like I am seeing picturesque, old fashioned paintings of Christmas cheer pass before me. It's wonderful!

    I'm in the process of choosing the happy soul.

    God's blessings be upon you!

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