Coffee Jottings

The service of coffee in the living room is the perfect leisurely end to a good dinner and the perfect prelude to a pleasant evening. A silver coffee service is, of course, the most luxurious, but lacking one it is still possible to maintain an air of formality. There are modern coffee services in pewter, copper and wood-and-glass combinations which have all the dignity of silver. There are ceramic sets which run the gamut from severe simplicity to gay peasant designs. The coffee service, too, must have a tray, as well as pot, sugar bowl and cream pitcher. In addition, it may have demi-tasses and small spoons to supplement the regular coffee cups.

Woman’s Home Companion Household Book, 1948
There isn’t anything more luxurious to me then a cup of coffee and a visit with my Dear Man. Those times are always full of sweetness and genuine pleasure. Almost as nice is hosting a few gals who take cream, sugar and a cookie or two; those sort of days add a lot to my simple taste of happiness.
In our home, coffee is served very hot in dark brown mugs (a wedding gift) or an occasional bright colored cup, in case one is feeling festive. And though I take my coffee plain and black it is a special day when I happen to have cream or honey in stock and ready for guests.
How do you enjoy a sip or two?
With love, blessings and coffee,
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6 thoughts on “Coffee Jottings

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    Ah, coffee!! Elixir of life, sweet nectar that restores life to my shriveled morning lips … I enjoy my coffee most in my pretty blue ceramic mug that I bought from the ocean-decor display at Joann’s Fabrics; but today, as on most weekday mornings, I’m drinking it out of my very old Tupperware plastic mug while I learn about the auditory nerve in a chilly dark classroom … 🙂

    (And incidentally, I usually drink regular Colombian coffee because that’s what my family likes, but I actually love flavored coffee – blueberry is my absolute favorite, with caramel and hazelnut being a close second!)

    Enjoy your brew!! I hope your morning is absolutely peachy!


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      You are so wonderful, Vicki!

      Coffee restores your “shriveled lips.” HAHAHAHA! That makes me smile so much! But I do agree, it is the elixir of life! 🙂

      I didn’t realize that you liked flavored coffees; if ever we get a day to meet I will have to give you a bag of flavored goodness because that would just be wonderful.

      You are a blessing to me! I hope you are relaxing this weekend day and recovering from your school induced coma!

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    I second all of what you and Vicki said! 😀

    I love my coffee served in a cute red and white mug my mom bought me that says “I’m crafty and I know it”. 😀 While I love it black, most days I put in a spoonful of cocoa powder and a dash of vanilla extract. AMAZING. 🙂

    Enjoy your tall mug of happiness today!

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      “I’m crafty and I know it” XD That is *so* cute, Angel!!

      And the cocoa powder with vanilla is something I have never heard of but will be trying!! I’ve actually ben craving the yumm peanut butter cookies you made on your blog … maybe this cold day could be made complete with these things? 😉

      p.s. speaking of cold I hope you are staying warm. I know how much you love the hot weather and it seems a bit wrong for me to enjoy the coolness so much. Soak it all up, sweet friend!!

      With love and blessings!

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    agree…coffee is the best drink in life! World Market’s coffee {whole bean, thank you} or a locally roasted coffee is my favorite. If it is a bit acid a touch of cream does help otherwise black! {yes, we are snobs about it at times! :)} been quite enjoying your last posts but due to lack of internet have not been able to keep up…looking forward to the future when hopefully we’ll have service and I can return!

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      Mmmm, I haven’t heard of World’s Market but am curious now.

      How are you doing, sweet woman? With all of the changes that have come your way I hope you have been able to sneak away with your man and find a coffee shop to relish in. That would be very special!

      I appreciate you, Charis, and look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

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