Celebrating Each Other // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Welcome, Friday folk! Pour yourself something yummy and settle in — I’ll join you with my own mug of deliciousness! 🙂

Mmmm … it’s been a good week. My heart is full with lessons and my Savior’s gentle touch yet my mind seems unable to write. Have you ever had one of those weeks?

Today, I’m learning to bring the Scripture below into reality in my heart. It’s funny to me that my normally sunny disposition and excitable spirit need to be instructed on rejoicing with those who rejoice.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits.[/pullquote]

Rejoice with them that rejoice, simple really. Yet it’s something I am needing to grow in. when my sister gets a new apartment I need to be able to cheer her on without looking at Craigslist for my own new adventure. When exciting steps are being taken by friends I need to be able to join their happiness and praise the One Who led them — without feeling left behind.

I think the latter end of verse sixteen is what makes all this possible. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Be not wise in your own conceits. [/pullquote] When I’m tempted to be a Debbie Downer during someone’s celebration it’s because I think I know how life is supposed to be.

I’m supposed to be adventuring into new rental territory (because I love new houses). My blog is the one that should be growing. I should be the one taking the next step in adulthood.

Ah, how ugly pride and conceit is.

When we fretfully struggle to rejoice with those rejoicing it’s because we’ve forgotten the beautiful truth, Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. We’ve grown wise in our own conceits thinking we know how life should be.

Learning to Rejoice Together at Authentic Virtue

So, today, I’m rejoicing with people. I’m going to be singing praises to the God Who sent great things into the lives of my family and friends. I’m going to be cheering on women whose blogs are growing and throwing confetti for those with happy baby news. If you hear bazookas noisily from an upstairs, blue shuttered home, that’s just me — rejoicing in the good news of my sister’s new apartment and my sister -in-law’s incredible artistic ability.

My heart is happy because I’m remembering that the good things in life are sent directly from our wise Father. And His ways are worth getting happy over.

Reader, tell me about your happy news. What beautiful thing is happening in your life? What good gift are you being given? I have a little project I plan to do for Periscope today and would love to celebrate your good news.

With love, blessings and coffee,


My Theme for 2016 // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello sweet people and welcome back for coffee and Friday conversation. I *love* Fridays with you because the post and your comments are what this blog is really about — growing closer to our Lord together! 🙂

My theme word for 2016 is delight. I’m learning to live out my life moments and responsibilities with an attitude of delight. I’m learning to make room in my heart for delight.

What does that mean practically?

I’m taking delight in reading God’s Word every morning … and taking delight in confessing my heart to Him.

I’m forming new habits of thought. When tempted to despair over my fallen human condition I’ve been delighting in speaking truth to my heart: You are a child of God and you don’t have to work to be His.

I’m taking the time I need to break the cycle of perfectionism in my life. Meaning, I’m learning to be realistic when I make my daily to-do lists and delighting in the truth that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

I’m pursuing my husband’s heart with new vigor because I am making my desire to bless him my delight and not my duty.

I’m discovering new adventures, new friends and new opportunities because I’m facing life with a get-to attitude vs. a have-to attitude.

And, most importantly, I’m teaching my heart to view my relationship with God with delight. I’m learning to rest in His redemptive work and ability (and want to) to sanctify me. I’m also learning to observe the truth that it delights His heart when I delight in Him.

It’s really as simple as that. Life becomes less stressful, less to-do list driven when I remember that God delights in me and my delight in Him. I am loved, I am wanted and I am delighted in by my Heavenly Father, His Son and His Spirit.

Isn’t that something worth delighting in? 🙂

What’s your theme or word for 2016? How has it impacted your year already? Are you growing or maintaining spiritually this year? I would love to hear your heart so I can pray for it.

With so much love, blessings and coffee,


Enduring Discipline as a Christian // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello, sweet folk and welcome to another Friday coffee meeting between your hearts and mine.

Hebrews has been my current morning Bible read; the 12th chapter of this great book has specifically been calling my attention.

Coffee Minute with You

For too many years Hebrews 12:1-13 brought me grief and anguish. Why? Because I misunderstood the word endure. I had this idea that to endure meant I had to literally hang on to my faith while God inflicted every sort of punishment He could imagine.

And, I mean, who could withstand that?

I’ve lived years believing that my survival depended on my being able to wait out God’s mighty hand of discipline … and that led to years of fretful discouragement and fear.

But I was wrong. So incredibly wrong.

God has already dealt the final punishment for sin on His Son, Jesus Christ. The discipline I deserve was placed onto the perfect Lamb of God.

This is good news!!

I was right … if the final punishment for sin were to be on my shoulders I could not endure. Praise God, though, Jesus took my place!

When I finally understood this vital information my heart leapt! To endure discipline doesn’t mean I have to work to keep my salvation and God’s approval. It simply means that I will experience discipline, and because God is a good Father, I will experience His discipline throughout my life when I choose sin.

But His discipline isn’t something that will crush or destroy me.

It’s just enough that, when it is finished, will yield holiness and the peaceable fruit of righteousness! Isn’t that just beautiful, sweet people?

Ah … you cannot imagine the joy and freedom this gift of understanding has been to me. Thank You, Father, for showing me your love and goodness and setting me free from this bondage of fear! You are so good!

Sweet friends, how are you doing? Are you going through a time of discipline? Or are you enjoying the benefits the discipline brought? Let’s grow together in grace and community and share our hearts.

With so much love, blessings and (sugar donut flavored!) coffee, 🙂


Living Life with a Get-To Attitude // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello, sweet peoples!

Home has never been sweeter since I finished my travels fourteen days ago. I’ve unpacked, settled into my routine and rediscovered midwinter afternoon walks. Isn’t home the greatest?

I’ve been away from my blog because … well … I have a confession.

I’ve been petty.

I have this crazy desire to “make it big” in the writing world along with a ridiculous habit of comparing myself to others. Lately I’ve felt like I can’t make it in this world of writing when bloggers have 50 + thousand followers and I can’t even get a newsletter together.

Petty, right? 😉

My heart has been needing an adjustment; my people-pleasing disposition had developed the idea that I had to please. I had to please God. I had to serve my darling man. I had to write because I had a blog. One afternoon I was reminded that I have a choice in the matter. I have the choice to do life with the mentality of a slave or a free child.

In other words, I get to.

I get to write. I get to delight myself in the Lord and delight His heart in the process. I get to love my husband and enjoy his love. I get to take care of my home by vacuuming, washing windows and creating beauty. I get to make menu plans, wash dishes and create delicious meals. I get to love people. I get to.

That soft correction from my Lord has changed everything.

I’m learning to wake up in the morning thinking, “I get to make coffee” and “I get to make a yummy breakfast for my husband.” I take off on my afternoon walks reminding myself that I get to walk and make healthy choices. And I’m writing again because I get to share life’s sweet lessons and joys with you.

It’s been a hard lesson but it’s one to keep.

Oh, one more thing I get to do? Announce winners of our winter giveaway! 😉

Hooray for Angel (you’ve won the lovely handbag!) and Amy (you’ve won the silver cuff bracelet!) So happy for you two beautiful souls! I’ll be in touch, ladies, with getting you your winnings! 🙂

I just love giveaways!

Blessings to all you readers. I am thankful for you and the love you send me through your comments! So blessed that I’ve gotten to know you!

With love, blessings and coffee!


How I Learned to be Happier in 2015

Coffee With You Series

Speaking words of thankfulness is our most crucial key to living a blessed life.

I didn’t realize words could be so capable of life and death until I met my husband. Growing up, I developed the habit of squeezing complaints into normal conversation. Because I’m a vocal person in tune with my (ever-changing) feelings it seemed natural to vocalize the bad along with the good. Innocently, I spoke words of grumbling and discontent over the smallest things.

“The weather is too warm;” “I hate waking up … just a few more minutes?” “She can be so mean; at least I’ll only be working with here for one season …”

Without realizing I had allowed complaints to become the main catalyst for conversations.

It was a wintry morning when Dalton asked me to stop. I was climbing into our cold truck, bundled up in my pea coat and mittens, preparing to be dropped off for a few hours of babysitting. Without much thought I mumbled words of discontentment, “I hate getting up this early and it’s so cold. Why do I even do this?”

“Why are you complaining?” came the offending question from my husband. “You have a great job, good pay and you only work a few hours a week. You’ve got it good. If you want to quit, quit. Otherwise, be thankful and enjoy it.”

I felt ashamed by his rebuke and defended my words. But deep inside I knew he had a point.

God takes complaining seriously. Throughout the Old and New Testament our Heavenly Father rebukes grumbling, murmuring conversations; the Israelites complained and suffered  serious consequences. Dalton likes to say “when people complain God always replies.” (And gives a good spanking.)

Without knowing it I fell into a sinful way of viewing and talking about life.

How do we fight negative, complaining conversation? How do we root out the desire to vocalize our grumblings and murmurings over life’s irritations?

We give thanks.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” [/pullquote]

Giving thanks, even for the irritating bits, gives life. When we give thanks we’re given the chance to see the irritation from heaven’s perspective. We grow in grace because we’re walking in obedience when we choose to be content despite our circumstances. If our Lord could give Paul the grace to be content in all that he suffered (and enjoyed) then we can confidently rest knowing our Lord is more then willing to help us as well. 🙂

Dalton had a point. I didn’t need to babysit and I could quit anytime I wanted. But in the mean time I needed to give thanks.

As I’ve learned to make thanksgiving the topic of conversation I’ve noticed how much easier the hard things in life become. By noting the beauty of a winter’s day instead of its bitter cold I see more beauty and feel more peace. By taking life’s opportunities to be thankful I became more happy. 2015 was a good year for me and most of it was due to my changing perspective.

Because I came into this world with more then I deserve and because I’ll leave this world with more then I deserve I have the privilege to use my words to give thanks for everything in between. (That’s another of Dalton’s sayings … isn’t he the greatest?) 🙂

How about you? Have you noticed the power of thanksgiving in your life? How have you grown to be more thankful in your conversation? Will 2016 be a year of rejoicing for you? Share your thoughts — I always love hearing from you!

With lots of love, blessings and coffee,