Coffee with my Lord | Resting In His Unfailing Love

Hurrah for sticking with a post series!

(No, really … HURRAH! I hardly ever stay consistent with my endeavors.)

Today, dear friends, I am sipping a cup of black coffee and rejoicing in the God Who makes all things new. Recently, I came to my beloved and asked him to forgive me for a few pre-marriage offences I had committed against him. I was amazed when he asked for my forgiveness for the very same things. My eyes filled with tears as I gave my handsome man a hug and we both praised God for working in our hearts individually before bringing us together over the same issue. What a good God we serve. He is always faithful to chasten His children. Unlike us, He will not overlook sin. He knows that the cost will be far worse in the end. I am so thankful that He means for us to be truly holy, righteous, and pure — praise God for Jesus’ unspeakable gift of being able to live like we should!

Today, I aim to lift my eyes to the hill and rejoice in the God Who fights for me, for us, and rest in His finished work.

What has the Lord been teaching you over your cup of coffee? I would love to hear!

With love,


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