Coming to a Mailbox Near You | Giveaway Announced

Hello, darling, happy souls,
I am so excited at the thought of mailing one of you a special gift — I only wish I could mail a whole bag full of goodies to each of you. Your memories were quite special; they were like big, paper wrapped, bow-tied boxes full of you — thank you for letting me get to know you better!
 Alright, dearies, I wish you a good, blessed weekend. Click on the video below (my first vlog … eeee!) to see whose name is drawn from the bowl. And dearest winner, please be sure to email me your mailing address at: Love to you!

2 thoughts on “Coming to a Mailbox Near You | Giveaway Announced

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    Shame on me – I didn't click on this post originally because I was like "oh, sadness, I couldn't participate in the giveaway, so sadness" … and I totally missed your vlog!!! Your voice is NOT squeaky, it is happy and adorable; and you're not awkward, you're humble and sweet. Whoever that was that called my friend awkward and squeaky, I am quite mad at her!!

    I hope you have a wonderfully merry Christmas yourself, dear Frannie – your patient, encouraging words have blessed me more than I could ever begin to describe. You always come up alongside me with the verse or the song or the "I've been there" that I need at that moment. You have handled the challenging transition of marriage with grace and goodwill, and I admire you and value your testimony. I'm so lucky to be able to call you my friend and sister in Christ!!

    I hope your Christmas season is filled with cinnamon spices, hot chocolate, mistletoe kisses, stocking stuffers, warm fires (or heaters at least!), and above all, abundant love and friendship. May God shower His richest blessings on your home this year!!

    Love and hugs to you!
    ~ Vicki

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