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Crafting: Lots of Christmas gifts! This year I’ve enjoyed working my hands over several loved one’s gifts. I’ve so wanted to do several DIY’s for you but that would give away surprises. 😉 Let’s just say there’s been a lot of Hobby Lobbying happening round here.

Dreaming: Of sweet babies! I recently had the most lovely dream of us having twins, a boy and a girl. And while it was just a dream I’m clinging to the promise that sweet children are in our future, Lord willing. <3  

Anticipating: Dalton and I’s 2nd anniversary trip!! Woot, woot! I’m not announcing our destination yet but let’s just say I’ll need to pack sundresses and I’m ordering this cute (and modest!) swim bottom. 😉

Planning: My sweet sister and brother-in-love’s second baby boy’s arrival! (Well, I’m not planning that but … you know.) I’ll soon be spending time with their growing family — a trip I am very much looking forward too.

Smelling: Warm, wintry candles. I’ve been keeping the candles lit from dawn until dusk lately; they just add such a peaceful, homey feel to our little home.

Eating: Lots of salads and baked potatoes. This is the month of delicious, light meals and I’m very much enjoying it.

Celebrating: My Periscope launch! I had a few friends encourage me to branch into live Periscope moments with my readers and I’m so glad I took the leap. Of course, chatting live is very nerve-wracking and I’ve miserably flopped a time or two but overall it’s been a great challenge and a lovely way to connect more personally with readers.

If you have a smart phone look me up with the app Periscope (@FrannieAnneDuncan) for weekly bits of coffee and conversation.

Listening to: Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas channel or this great song.

Enjoying: My new exercise routine! My certified personal trainer (aka Mr. Duncan 😉 ) and I are having a lot of fun as he helps me/gives me pointers in weight lifting (itty bitty weights) and other exercise routines. He’s got some really great ideas and makes working out not as dreadful as it normally is for me. 🙂

Reading: I’m pushing through Elizabeth Prentiss’ Stepping Heavenward. Honestly, after God’s Word, this is the one book I’d recommend to all Christians. Theology and life lessons are beautifully tucked into a fictional story and there is both edification and encouragement wrapped within the chapters. Do check this old classic out.

Pausing: My three post-a-week blog schedule. 🙂 It seems like I’ve entered a season of life where writing requires more focus than normal; this discouraged me at first but I’ve come to a place of thanksgiving and gratitude. I love this place and if writing requires more effort then that’s what I shall give — but I’ll do it in a way that promotes growth and grace and less stress in meeting my self-made deadlines.

Giving: I love the quality, life-giving items Worldvision shares and would love to pass these two beauties on to two separate readers. The first is a gorgeous, cross over purse with lining and zipper and the second is a beautiful, silver-lined bracelet with vineyard carvings in it.


Leave me a comment below to be entered into the drawing which will end January 13th, 2016! Also, for extra entries share the fun (on Facebook, Instagram or your blog) and leave me a comment with your link below. This is open to any sweet soul so feel free to share. 🙂

What does your world currently look like? I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below! With love, blessings and wonderful, black coffee,


10 thoughts on “Currently in December (Plus a Giveaway!)

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    Ahhh!!! Look it sounds like you have been very blessed of late! 😀 And way to go on your exercise routine. That is so exciting you are enjoying it. Maybe you could share what your personal trainer has you doing? 🙂

    I have been looking for a new book to read. I’ll have to find that one at our library soon. 🙂

    Currently my dreaming and listening is the same as yours. And I have been busy crafting all my Christmas gifts this year. 🙂

    Enjoy your pause from blogging!

    1. Avatar

      You are so right! I have been blessed greatly and Christmas time is such a blessed season to be giving and receiving! 🙂

      I love that our dreaming and listening is the same … I understand some of those dreams! And I would love to see some of your handiwork if you had the pictures handy.

      You always inspire me!

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        Also, I am enjoying working out!

        Right now I’m focusing on spending 10-15 minutes of nonstop, hard cardio and weight lifting every other day. Yesterday I focused on triceps and forearms and then spent time working on squats, push ups and stretching.

        Lol, I’m very new at this so a little does a lot for me. But already I can feel the need to push myself harder and longer for better results. My goal is, by March, to lose 15 pounds.

        I think this will be really hard (especially because we’ll be embarking on a cruise! 😉 ) But I’m aiming to practice controlled eating and portion controls as well as continue exercising every other day. I think my goal is doable. We’ll see!

        How is your exercising going? Have you gotten back to what you were lifting? I’d love to read another update on that one day!

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    I love your blog so much and it always inspires me and makes my day happy!
    I’m going to read the book you suggested, it looks wonderful!
    I hope you have a beautiful, happy, peaceful, and merry Christmas my friend!!

    1. Avatar

      Ah, Amy! I love your comments! I’m so blessed to hear my blog bring happiness your way. That is exactly what I want! 🙂

      Let me know what you think of “Stepping Heavenward.” It really is one of my favorites (this is my 2nd time working through … I’m that repeat reader, ya know.) 😉

      Enjoy your New Year’s Eve with your sweet family!

    1. Avatar

      Ah, Mom!! I LOVE that you left me a comment. Thank you!

      I love you too. You are so special to me.

      And it makes me happy that the snowflakes bring you joy!

      I’m looking forward to road-tripping with you soon!

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