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It’s the twilight hours of June; fireflies are twinkling, rainstorms fill the sky and the sun is hot and heavy. It feels like Nature has forgotten the how easy and cool Autumn evenings are and how splendid she looked in winter’s white coat; instead, she has tied a gorgeous, leafy-green scarf around her hair and taken off.

Currently, in my world:

designing – These little beauties! I am really enjoying the simple pleasure of making cute doodles and calling them art … I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Pride and Prejudice while drawing and cutting these paper goodies. 


enjoying – Some down time! May and the early days of June were very full with celebrations, family gatherings and even a funeral for D’s Dear Aunt. I’m glad to be back in our cozy home and continuing on with the routines and tasks I love so much.

Oh, I’ve also been enjoying going for walks more often. I had neglected my daily habit and am glad to be getting back into it; our area is quite hilly so I get quite a workout whenever I walk downtown or around the block. 🙂


ordering – This delightful book from the library. I’ve had a growing interest in using wild, edible plants and learning how to identify and utilize them. In fact, I’m enjoying this hobby so much I’ve got handpicked dandelion and clover dried beneath my bakers rack and chicory root in the cupboard.  (Poor D has to listen to my “plant lectures” every time we venture out. “OH, LOOK! That’s PLANTAIN! Did you know you can chew that and then place it on your bruises and wounds!?! And over here, ECHINACEA!!!”

celebrating – My getting an Associates and … a special, not-yet to be revealed secret. (No, I’m not preggy. 😉

tasting – Home-grown cherry tomatoes! Our little apartment garden has been giving us an abundance of natural goodies. The lettuce was quite bitter so I moved the containers into a shady area and plan to clip the leafs earlier.

dreaming – Is dreaming about Christmas okay? 🙂 Ah, I cannot wait for the dreamy beauty of winter to be upon us.

Finally, I am dreaming about settling in with my Darling Man. Often, I dream of the “next big thing” or journey of our lives. Somehow, I’ve had a peaceful rest settle over me and I’m quite content to just dream about the current season we are in. How can I make home more home-y? Is there any way I can minister to those around me better? What small ways can I send love and care?

Dear Friend, what have you been about lately? Are you dropping from the summer heat too? Or, do you thrive on sweat and moisture? 😉

With love and a hot mug of coffee,


p.s. Don’t forget to stop by Charis’ place; she was the inspiration for these posts after all!

8 thoughts on “Currently // June

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    Frannie, you can make lettuce soup, it is delicious cold on a hot Summer day.
    Your tomatoes are looking very good!
    Many years ago, just after the war, my mother and I used to wander down the lanes looking for new dandelion shoots to put in salads. It is amazing how many of the plants that are classed as weeds have other uses.

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      Miss Barbara, lettuce soup!? You must share more! Would it be similar to boiled cabbage … it seems to me they would be vastly different. 🙂

      And I love the memory that you have shared. I have read that many during the war and other hard times used the edible plants we now call weeds. Thank you for sharing such a memory with me!!

      With much love to you!

      p.s. I have your give-away goodies packaged and the custom form filled out … just need to drop off now!

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    Looks like you have been having some amazingly sweet days! I love all your little doodles. They are so cute! Great job! 😀

    And I will have to look that book up. For the past little while, I have been wanting to find a good one for foraging. I’ve been looking for dandelions to dry here as well. But, any place that they are growing nearby, I’ve found they have been sprayed with herbicides. 🙁

    I’m sorry you don’t like the heat. I happen to be one of those that THRIVES in it. The hotter and steamier the better! 😀

    Have a beautiful day my friend!

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      Hahaha! Oh, Angel! You sound like you could be Tarzan’s Jane preferring the steamy, hot weather. 😉 I am glad it is so hot for your sake … I like knowing that these warm days bless you!

      It’s a great book, the best I’ve found so far.

      Lots of love and blessings to you!

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    Your artwork is just darling, Frannie!!! You could digitize that and create your own graphics store! I’d love to see more of your creations in the future!

    CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your Associate’s degree!! What a huge and exciting accomplishment – I’m so proud of your hard work!! And of course, I can’t wait to hear what the surprise is!!!

    I’m loving your herb/plant studies, too! I’d love to study medicinal plants someday as well … I sure wish I could send some of our dandelions your way, though!! 😛

    Have a wonderfully blessed day, my dear! May the Lord continue to bless you with peace and gentle joy!


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      Vickie! You are a delight! Hahaha … If I could figure out how to digitalize the doodles I might do that. Wouldn’t that be something?

      And thank you! Yes, it was so nice to finish. It may not have been what I intended to end with in the beginning but I am so happy to have something finished. If ever I want to finish I know that I can. 🙂

      You are a blessing to me!

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    love this and congrats on finishing your degree. That is so awesome and something you will always be glad for!! love your inspiration about dreaming on the present…good words!

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