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I love reading about what’s currently going on in the lives of my favorite bloggers. I’ve noticed a fun, new trend (although I suppose it isn’t that new) that I’d like to jump in on. My friend Charis from This Journey of Grace inspired this post — who knows! Maybe I’ll keep at it!

designing – I’ve been playing around with Picmonkey trying to design an intro I just love … I spotted a few spelling errors (gasp!) but am having a hard time figuring out the new widths I need.

I’ve also been making several handmade cards … a few for the upcoming giveaway and a few for some special friends who will be marrying soon!

enjoying – Sunshine and rain! We’ve been having some hot, humid days lately (eeeek) but the changing weather has been lovely.

Oh, I’m also enjoying a good Saturday at home where I had a nice, long phone call with my mom and enjoyed some classics like Emma and Little Women. Lazy Saturdays are very enjoyable. 😉

ordering – Some fun things! A few weeks ago I cleaned several apartments and now we’re having a lot of fun with the extra cash. I ordered a few books (Naturally Healthy Pregnancy by Shonda Parker and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers) as well as a few fun food items (like roasted chicory root, dandelion root and loose-leaf tea).

My favorite purchase? A beginner set of essential oils by Fabulous Frannie (I may be prejudice 😉 I’ve been a skeptic of essential oils for a long time but have decided to give a few select ones a try. Fabulous Frannie’s products received excellent reviews and had very reasonable prices compared to the more famous brands. Can’t wait for the orders to come in!

celebrating – Several birthdays! My daddy’s, momma’s and sister’s birthdays (along with several cousins) had birthdays this last month. We’ve had a lot of fun treasuring these special people this last month.

tasting – Lots of homebrewed peach tea! I love knowing that mixing boiled water with steeped tea can produce a yummy, healthy drink that can help ward off my Dr. Pepper addiction. 😉

dreaming – I’ve been doing a lot of home/baby dreaming as of late. After spending a few weeks away from home I’ve been relishing being back in my own place, following my routine and going to sleep next to my beloved in our own bed. Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of crafty/homemaking ideas floating around.

As far as babies go I am more content then ever as I await God’s timing and work. I’ve also got the drive to prepare my body for the possibility and so I’m doing a lot of reading and making a few adjustments to provide a more healthy place for a little one. 🙂

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    Oh, I love reading these sort of posts from friends too, Frannie! They are a great way to get to know one another better. 🙂

    Way to go on making steps toward better health, and maybe even prepping for a possible little ones home! 😀 I might be weird, but it makes me a ridiculously happy to hear of others making goals at improving health. 🙂 Might I suggest a book I read recently, that made me think a lot about health, and possibly becoming pregnant? It’s “Naturally Knocked Up” by Donielle Baker. You can purchase the e-reader version on Amazon. And I think you will enjoy EO. I’ve been using them for over a year now, and LOVE them. Especially in cleaning. And peppermint oil for headaches is AMAZING too. 🙂

    Enjoy some peaceful days at home! And sip up that tea! 😀

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      Hey, sweet lady!

      Thanks so much for your comment! It doesn’t surprise me that you find great happiness in other’s getting healthy — I know you enough to know how much that means to you! 🙂 And thank you for the encouragement — I’m loving taking small but meaningful steps in getting more healthy. Also, I’ll have to check into that book — I think I remember you mentioning it in one of your posts, maybe?

      So far I’m loving the oils I got. 🙂 I’m called the hippie around here … but ya know, I kind of like it. 🙂

      Have a beautiful week … and enjoy that land of yours! Whoo-hoo!

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        That is the best way to change habits. Little by little, so it’s not overwhelming. 😀 And thanks! we have been enjoying our land. There has been A LOT of hard sweaty labor over it, but it has been a joy and blessing. 🙂

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    ohhh I love these posts! (maybe that’s why I like to do them? hmmm. :)) you’re so sweet to link to me. Sounds like a lovely weekend and some good reading. I have heard good things about Shanda Parkers book. And I love finding new resources for oils. Thank you for sharing!

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      Hello, Charis!!

      So happy you left a comment — I am loving my essential oils so far. They seem to be really good quality. 🙂 And I’m looking forward to reading Parker’s book. I had read a little bit before and just had to get a copy of my own!

      Many blessings to you!

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