Currently // October

Hello, sweet folk.

It’s mid October; leaves are beginning to change and pumpkin lattes are the thing in my little world. I’m in heaven as the days are getting cooler and the evenings even cooler. Keeping with tradition I’ve journaled some of the currents currently going on in our little home. Visit my friend Charis to see her latest post and enjoy all the sweetness she writes.

Crafting: I feel like most of my crafty energy has been going toward lesson plans, organizing books and making our menu plan more yum and less blah. 😉 But I do have plans for decorating with fresh, red leaves, redoing my trusty chalkboards and working with vinyl and canvas for upcoming Christmas gifts. ♥

Anticipating: Soon we’ll drive south and spend a well-needed (and wanted) three days with our families. I cannot wait to spend late nights playing Scrabble, drinking coffee and talking with our dear people.

Dreaming: My heart has been full of dreams lately: baby dreams, crafting dreams, writing dreams and travel dreams. I’m still adjusting to my new schedule (hah!) but that hasn’t stopped me from taking little steps forward to making beautiful things happen.

Sipping: The Keurig has been pumping delicious cups of Three Story coffee lately; it’s been hard for me to stick to my three cup limit. I’ve also had the hankering for pumpkin spice lattes — with a coffee shop right next to school I practically drool driving by. 😀

Reading: I haven’t read much lately — it never seems like I have enough time. However, I am still pushing through Stepping Heavenward and loving every paragraph.

Celebrating: The cooling weather! I cannot tell you how delightful the dropping temperatures have been for me. Even though p.e. class is only five hours I have been getting cooked! I literally turned to a student and said, “Do you smell something burning? I think it’s my skin.”  🙂

Picturing:  ♥

Here I’m mixing my favorite gluten-free, sugar free, egg free muffins … they are the best!

My sweet sister and brother-in-love are having their second little boy. So, I couldn’t resist picking up these matching orange vests for the two cuties.

Isn’t my guy such a cutie? He really outdid himself by surprising me with a morning date, downtown walk and latte. (What a darling!)


I found this teapot for Dalton and he is loving it! He often brews different types of green and herbal tea and seeing him enjoying the process really makes my day.

I told you I had a p.e. tanline! 😀


What has your October looked like? Are you loving it or just putting through?

With much love, blessings and coffee,


3 thoughts on “Currently // October

  1. Avatar

    Hello Frannie.
    October…well for me it is a putting the garden to bed month. So many things need cutting back to sleep for the Winter. My geraniums are stored in the greenhouse. The tomatoes have ended. The outside furniture is put away.
    Enjoy your holiday with family!

    1. Avatar

      I love the busy-bee in you. I would so enjoy walking behind you watching you put your garden to sleep , learning from your experience. I too plan to cut back plants and tuck them into their “beds.” But, in the mean time, I am enjoying the final roses which are greeting us along the window.

      Many blessings to you, sweet woman!

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