A Day in the Life . . . of a Newbie

♥ After quickly dressing and brushing my teeth I partake of a much wanted cup of black coffee

♥ Jump into my little red truck and drive west pulling into my cousin’s driveway 15 minutes later

♥ Begin our day with the book of James and spend a bit of time trying to memorize James 3:13 . . . how I love this passage.

♥ Math time! (We like to begin with our hardest subjects.) Carl undertakes the huge task of correcting math fixes while Carsoi gleefully approaches decimals; he has found “points and and’s” much more pleasant than three-digit division.

♥ Grammar and history class begins. With my two pupils studying different subjects I enjoy a bit of refreshment as we discuss the virtues (and characteristics) of adverbs and adjectives. How I love knowing the keys to unlocking the doors of difficult diagrams. If it ends in an “-ly” it is automatically an adverb while “a, an, and the” are always adjectives. Fun!

♥ Lunch/Break time

♥ History and grammar class: in reverse. This time I get to observe Carl’s creative writing skills as she reads a paragraph, writes an outline, and then shares with me the peskiness of a certain beetle coming into America through Japanese cargo. I also had the blessed opportunity to threaten the confiscation of cell phones if the use of Facebook ever steals her attention from cursive again. 🙂

♥ Switching to science, I spend time preparing Carl for her quiz tomorrow while helping Carsoi read with understanding (my most commonly said phrase). We’re learning the steps of the water cycle along with the creatures of the sea.

♥ For a special treat we jump into my truck and speed off to McDonald’s where we order ice-cream and head to a park. It is here, in the fresh air, where spelling tests are taken and giggles escape as it seems no one is completely calm while enjoying their treats.

♥ And so ends my school day with the cousins. I‘m now sitting in my school’s library making an outline for a soon-due history paper; oneday the never-ending will end! 🙂

 Ah, it is so obvious to me how much I have to learn. Sure, the school day sounds pleasant and easy above but how often did I lose my temper or fear that I was incapable of teaching two dear but independent children? While driving toward school today I felt the urge (oh alright, I admit that I did) grumble. But the Lord in His tender mercies gave grace. Before I knew it I was singing. Sure, I knew the day was not going to be easy but I also knew that I was being called to do something worthwhile—invest in lives.

And that makes me, the newbie, very happy.

*Here at the Cousin’s House we enjoy making names for ourselves hence Carl and Carsoi–two very dear young people.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life . . . of a Newbie

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    That sounds so lovely, Frannie, and you're so sweet! 🙂 I really admire you for being able to teach your cousins – I know it isn't always easy, but it's a wonderful opportunity to be a godly influence in their lives. It sounds like you do a wonderful job of mixing fun with learning, too! I'd love to have you as my teacher! 🙂

    Love in Christ,

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    Hey Frannie – could you please do me a favor and see if you can access my blog? I changed its name over the weekend, and now I'm not sure if my followers can see it or not … would you mind checking and letting me know? I would really appreciate it!!

    Thank you so much!


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