Day in the Life of A Stay-at-Home Wife

I found this post hiding in the drafts file — it’s just too cute and accurate of my stay-at-home days to pass up! And since I’m busy prepping for the Armor V. Chains series this post was exactly what I needed to start the week. Enjoy!

It’s 8:52 in the morning; sunshine is pouring in the recently washed windows, Pandora’s crooning worship music and I’m about to shower, dress and get my weekly cleaning checked off the old to-do list. I love being a stay-at-home wife; to be honest, I can’t imagine there being anything else I’d want to dedicate myself to. What does a day in the life of a stay-at-home wife look like? Let’s walk through it together.

I’ve already made breakfast, checked Facebook and visited with my man before he head off for work. Now, I’m off to get ready for the day!

9:00-9:25: I’m showered, dressed and super excited because I did my least favorite chore — scrubbing the tub — while my conditioning conditioned. 😉 Glad to have that job done and out of the way! It might have been another 6 months before I gathered the courage again. (Cue: ew!)

9:25-9:38: Just got a text from a great friend … we’re both wading the water of essential oils. I just ordered a set of six from Fabulous Frannie and was telling her all about it! (Don’t you just love that name? 😉

(p.s. 6 months later and I am *still* loving the oils I bought from this company!)

9:40: Time to clean!

I like to work in shifts or patterns — think of it as glorious multitasking!

First, I spray down the bathroom with a disinfectant then, while that has a few minutes to soak, I sweep, start a load of laundry and fill the sink with hot, bubbly water and dishes. I go back to the bathroom and wipe down all the icky germs that love to build up during the week. Sometime during my raid, I’ll dust the living room furniture (anything wooden, really) and alternately wash/soak dishes. Oh, I might check Facebook too. 😉

It’s 10:45 and I’ve been … decorating! I love altering our home space a little bit every week so. (Sometimes much longer then that!) I’ve been eager to hang a banner within the large frame I spray painted last week and hung in our living room … I don’t know why but I am liking that weird, unique, empty frame. Now, I like it all the more as the banner adds a little summer to it.

Dalton hid my beloved singing clock … maybe I’ll find it later today? 😉

Time to flip the laundry, tidy our bedroom and put away the extra bits of décor for next season … oh, and eat a snack! (Hooray for refried beans, salsa and sour cream all warm and yummy!)

11:30: Favorite part of my week … financial check-up! No, really, I love the weekly financial check-ups. We budget so a big part of keeping above the red line is keeping up with what we’ve spent, where it came from, paying bills and logging receipts (I’m so old fashioned).

1:10: Woops! 🙂 I got a distracted reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It’s a special gift for a special friend and I happened to open it and start reading in the middle. Do any of you do that?

Took out the trash, put away the bill-paying materials and tidied the desk and now I’m eating lunch. Hooray for leftover black-bean burgers and salad. Yum!

Okay, it’s 1:50 p.m. and I’ll be spending the next hour or so writing for this blog. I like to write at least one to two weeks ahead of schedule. 🙂 During this time I’ll be singing along to Pandora’s JJ Heller station, enjoying a lit candle and sipping a cup of coffee.

4:10: Happy afternoon, everyone! While I edited some pictures and began finishing some blog drafts I caught up with one of my dear friends, Fairlight. This lady has been a constant blessing to me for several years … she also just started a blog. I’d be tickled pink to find out some of you lovelies befriended her! 🙂

4:30: Ooo! My sample kit of essential oils came in! Hooray! I’ll have to take time to do a little research …

5:30: Time to start thinking about supper. I think tonight we’ll have pork steak, boiled sweet corn and salad (or maybe gluten-free mac and cheese … which one, which one?) I’ll also finish the laundry and vacuum. 🙂

6:00: Hooray! I’m on schedule with the corn in a pot to boil. (I sometimes forget to start dinner on time 😉

7:00: Dinner is in the final stages and I’m lowering blinds, lighting candles and prepping for the Darling Man to come home at any minute. The evening is pretty routine: D will greet me with his smile and kiss, we’ll talk about our days, dinner with a favorite tv show (unless we’re needing to catch up on life), and then we’re in bed by 8:45ish. Since we’re generally up by 5 to 6:30 a.m. we’re early nesters. (I like to tease that we’re old 😉

So, that is one day in the life of this stay-at-home wife. Of course, I now have a few more responsibilities since taking on 10 hours a week at the school. However, most of my days flow exactly like this … and that is exactly how I like it.

How do your days flow? Do you have routine schedules or crazy, differing paces? Tell!

With love, coffee and blessings,


6 thoughts on “Day in the Life of A Stay-at-Home Wife

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    Frannie, I am a VERY stay at home wife, more due to circumstances than anything. But I do find joy in doing the simple things, arranging some fresh flowers in a tumbler….I have to have fresh flowers somewhere in the house, doing a little bit of the ironing, making coffee for my husband.
    All very unexciting, but satisfying.

    1. Avatar

      Miss Barbara, I imagine your home is always filled with fresh flowers and books. ♥ Your sweet soul always inspires me and they way that you find joy and satisfaction in the little things blesses me tremendously.

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    Awww, this was so cute and fun!! I love to think of you busy around your house of dreams all day – you’re such a beautiful little home-sparrow of a soul. I love hearing about the things that you make and do!

    Much love and cool, crisp sunny days to you, my friend!


    1. Avatar

      Oh, Vickie, you are so sweet! ♥ I do love keeping busy in my home and it is so satisfying. Thank you, sweet one!!

      Enjoy your cool days … stop for a minute and drink something yummy for me!

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    Frannie, my dear friend, how very much fun it was reading what your days as a stay at home wife are like. I too am a stay at home wife and I am loving every minute of it!! It is such a blessing to keep house and all the things that go with it and have a nice homey place for your man. We are so blessed to have the privilege and the desire to be stay at home wives for our men. God bless you richly and keep the home fires burning brightly!

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