Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,                                                                                                                                                       

Today is Father’s Day–a special day when we spend extra time blessing and looking to you. And I do look to you; I look to you for advice, inspiration, and love. I’ve looked to you from day one. Those early days when you did help change diapers and when you served Momma in the most kindhearted of ways. I’ve looked to you from the days of early toddler hood as we watched every Disney movie together–how much those memories mean to me!

I’ve looked to you when I was a young girl. You taught me my Roman Numerals and you kindly took me to town and told me about my puppy dying. During the time when momma had to work you watched all three of us with no complaining. You’ve cooked countless meals while blessing your wife and have washed more dishes that half the men I know.  But your strong arms have yielded hammers and logs while building three homes, from dirt to tresses. You’ve inspired countless teenagers.

Daddy, I still look to you. At twenty-two years of age your input is more needed than ever before. I look to you for help as I become a woman: what should I do with my money, how can I manage my time, who exactly should I fall in love with? Yes, you are looked up to even now.

While I will not to be the wife who always compares her hunny with her father, I do know that you will be part of the standard at which I measure any suitor. For you have raised the standard of what a real man is; a real man will lead his family in the ways of the Lord even when it hurts him. A real man will love and serve his wife and children. A real man will take interest in the lives of others and will care for those who are “less than” or not wanted. A real man will have a vision for his family and will seek God as he goes through life. a real man takes his responsibility before God seriously and Daddy . . . you have done all these things.

Daddy, I love you and I do look to you; thank you for being my father and for being my friend. 

With all my heart,

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