Dear Husband

Dear future,
unknown husband,


          . . .

          Please do not love me because of me.


lots of reasons. Mainly, the real me is not enough to sustain your love. I mean, I
would love for you to love me because you found me winsome and the sweetest-bit
of woman ever. But the truth is I’m not.

not as godly as I’d like to be nor am I as strong as I try to portray.  My looks will change (I expect large crow eyes
are in my future) and I’m afraid my winning jokes will one day grow old. I’ll talk too much theology and, unless you work a bit of magic on me, my temper will reveal itself a time or two.  As
someone once wrote,

short, me-ness is incredibly shaky ground for love . . . So while it’s natural
and normal and good, even, to love certain things about certain people — it
must go deeper than that. It must be a love that doesn’t depend on the actions
or character or person itself. It must be God’s kind of love — the love that
stems solely from who He is, not who we are.”

want you to know that I purpose to love you not only for who you are
(because I’m certain you’re quite wonderful) but because of how God sees you:
marvelously made, redeemed, and worthy of unconditional love.

wait to share jokes and imperfections with you,


This was based off of a post written by Bailey at The Big House in the Little Woods. Grab a cup o’
whateveryoulike and enjoy her thoughts!}
This lovely bit of photography can be found at this link!}

4 thoughts on “Dear Husband

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    What a perfect reminder Frannie! How easy it is to base love on emotion or external thoughts, when our love for others must be based on the unconditional love that we have been given by our Heavenly Father. This is the love that truly shines and gives the greatest joy!

    Thank you for this encouragement.♥

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    You all are so sweet!

    Yes, I am learning that the real love I crave and the love I need to give out are not based on external, temporary things. It's based on God–and His love will fulfill and last!!

    Love to you!

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