d.i.y. // Chalkpaint + Branches


I love the way branches seem to make everything more beautiful; earlier this year I ransacked the side of our driveway scouring for just the right set. Afterwards, I sprayed the grass over as I painted the branches with a few good coatings muted gold spray-paint.
I also found a empty spaghetti jar and bathed the insides with the most lovely shade of turquoise (the perfect color to add “pop” to our living room’s cream + brown hues). The chalk-paint came in the most adorable little jar from Hobby Lobby. I’ve painted nearly everything I can get my hands on with it. 🙂
Sometimes, the simplest of things can bring so much joy.
Dearhearts, what have you been up to lately? Have you set your hands to making beautiful things?
With love, coffee, and lots and lots of snow!

7 thoughts on “d.i.y. // Chalkpaint + Branches

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    Frannie, you are right. The simplest things bring such joy. I have had the head of a Lily, which had broken off, just floating in a saucer in the kitchen. It has given me such pleasure. I do like your jar.

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