Hello! Today, while driving home, I was perusing my sister’s cds when I came upon a song called “In My Dreams.” Today, when many talk about love it is the kind of love which is self seeking. The sacrificial, forgiving, enduring love is the love forgotten and replaced with immediate self-gratifying love–or often lust.
In My Dreams
 Josh Turner
Some men dream of crossing oceans
Some men dream one day to fly
Spend their whole lives out there floating on the water and the sky
Some men dream of building fortunes
Some men dream of having fame
Nothing else is more important then making money and a name
But, In my dreams, I see
A little sky blue house beside a small stream
A front porch, a screen door,
The sound of barefeet running and cartoons.
In my dreams, your dreams come true
I come find you in your garden
Pulling weeds between the rows
Trade a kiss for a glass of water
Sit and watch what love can grow
In my dreams, I see
A little sky blue house beside a small stream
A front porch, a screen door,
The sound of barefeet running and cartoons.
In my dreams, your dreams come true
In my dreams, your dreams
Are the only things that really matter to me
When you smile, I smile
What makes you happy makes me happy too
In my dreams, your dreams come true
In my dreams, your dreams come true

Dreams. I’m not sure if there is anything wrong with them. If, and only if, our dreams are lined up with God’s will then I believe dreams are lovely. Dreams inspire, motivate and encourage. Everyone has a dream. Missionaries dream of reaching the lost; while fathers and mothers dream of raising a home and family. Teachers dream of reaching their students while sailors dream of crossing the great seas. Even criminals have dreams . . . dreams which fail to line up with God’s standards.
My dreams? I have a multitude. I desire to serve in some sort of mission work all my days. If I am ever blessed to marry my mission will be at home–my mission will be my husband’s and my fi eld mychildren and those around me.
What does my dream look like?
It involves a little place. Buttercream yellow and cornflower blue is the theme of my kitchen, which by the way, has a little breeze coming through the open window. If you look outside you’ll notice the front porch, a large tree with a swing and depending on the season, a green lawn or field. To the side will be a garden; I’ll have to start small since I haven’t much experience.
The Yellow Cottage–Harpswell was painted by Sylvia Dyer. Please visit this link to see her other works of art.

From the kitchen you’ll notice a living room–probably not as clean and nicely decorated as some but comfortablely worn from guests and babes. Oh, and don’t forget the library. I have known from a young age that no matter what I have in a house I must have a library. One that holds good books, edifying books. Books like Martyr’s Mirror, God’s Smuggler, The Hiding Place, Little Women, hymn books, Robinson Crusoe and the sweet Abeka and Rod and Staff books which teach so many good lessons.

It will be a house built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and God’s Word. Love and forgiveness will adorn each board while laughter and pranks will squeak as often as the kitchen floor. Endurance and hardwork will make themselves as bold and true as the hand-picked geraniums decorating the dining table. Here hospitaity will be the rule, godly character and old-fashionedness encouraged and many rolls and cookies will be baked.
This lovely drawing can be found at this link.
And until then I’ll help make this home just as pleasant–however long that may be. For if I am not content here I shall not be there. Please know, dreamy as I may be, I am also very much a realist. I know that there will be days when laundry has grown to mountainous proportions, when dinner is burnt and finances tight. There maybe days when time is limited, guests unexpected and clothes out-grown. There will be an unfair share of unproductive days along with many mismatched socks. I’m sure there will also be days when I struggle with lost patience and unmet expectations.
But it will be home. And if it is ordained by God and ordered according to His will it will be great.
What does your dream look like?
Until next time, dear ones!

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    This is delightful, Frannie! I have always enjoyed Josh Turner and his music, which is often positive and uplifting. Even more than that, I very much enjoyed the journey you took us on of your dream house! You have a gift for descriptive writing and painting mind pictures for your readers. I hope you're doing well and that you've had a good summer! Many blessings, Libby

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