Easy, Every Day Ways to Create a Peaceful Atmosphere in Your Space

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We live in such a busy, heart-bruising world it’s easy to mistake busyness for prosperity and chaos for peace. I know from experience that an atmosphere of peace in our homes and spaces does not happen by accident.

The last two weeks have kicked my butt in more ways than one. I spent a week out-of-town, deep cleaning seven smallish houses with a friend. My Darling Man made sure I had a few quiet, rest-filled days before I jumped back into my school schedule (which was so sweet!) but no sooner was I  physically rested than an emotional storm hit. We had to make some tough, life-impacting decisions which left me crying for 2+ days and bruised my heart deeply.

Needless to say, a peaceful atmosphere has been a challenge.

As Christian women, we have the amazing opportunity to live life in a way that we *reek* peace. The beautiful thing is that living peaceful lives looks different for every home and person; but, there are key things we can do to ensure our homes are less chaotic and more enjoyable. It just takes a little practice.

Here are five ways I’m pursuing peace in our space.

AuthenticVirtue.com Decluttering is key to emotional and physical peace. The great thing about decluttering is that it can be done right here, right now. Don’t know where to start? Wash the breakfast dishes. Put away the cereal box. File those random papers on your desk. Call the next person on your list. When life feels crazy look around you — is there something you can donate or giveaway? Throwaway? When we declutter we begin to feel sane … even in the midst of the storm.

Pressing play on my favorite Christian radio or Pandora station is one of the first ways I transform our home from crazy to calm. Early in the morning while I cook breakfast and Dalton gets ready for work we’ll often turn on our favorite worship music. Almost immediately my soul is blessed and my spirit is lifted (even if I’m washing last night’s dishes!). 😉 Press play to whatever lifts and encourages your heart and your one step closer to a peace-filled space.

Writing a to-do list is activity I must do when life overwhelms and our home feels out of control. Earlier this week I struggled to fall asleep, so, I rose from bed and wrote a schedule and to-do list for the remaining weeks of school. Ah … having goals, to-do’s and responsibilities handwritten and hanging from my fridge immediately gave me a sense of rest and control. I may not get everything on my to-do list done and that’s okay. It’s not about letting my list control my life but my using self-control and completing what I need to get done.

Saying no to unnecessary activities and requests is super important when creating a peace-filled home. Some days you can take the kids to the pool, carpool with other mommies, schedule a lunch date, babysit your neighbor’s cat, blog, fold laundry, paint the shutters, and lead a Bible study all in one week.

But then there are days when you need to say no. Our homes and spaces are our first priorities and if random, miscellaneous activities are spoiling the atmosphere you desire then it’s okay to say no for a while. 🙂

Choosing peace is, ultimately, the most important thing we get to do. As Christians we are promised peace — even when the world is ripping apart and destroying all that we love. The first part of this week involved me bawling my eyes out but during the hard things I knew peace. Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

We can write schedules, say no to miscellaneous activities, declutter our spaces and listen to encouraging music but if we forget to choose and pursue a heart of peace our homes will continue reeking of a chaotic atmosphere. I know because I’ve been there.

Choosing to believe “… all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” is the most important and effective way to create a peace-filled space.


How do you pursue peace in your space? Is there one thing you love doing that helps bring calm from the chaos? Tell us about your peace-keeping powers! We’d love to know! 🙂 

Love, blessings and coffee,


5 thoughts on “Easy, Every Day Ways to Create a Peaceful Atmosphere in Your Space

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    Oh what a wonderful post Frannie, filled with so many wonderful reminders. Especially with choosing peace. That has been a struggle here of late. Realizing that even within the chaos of life and emotions, that CHOOSING to be peaceful and content is so important, and can really change the atmosphere. Finding sermons or speakers with this topic in mind have been my go to in helping with that this week. Revive Our Hearts ministries has two really good ones that have blessed my heart. “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” by Janet Parshall and “Does Jesus Care” by Paul David Tripp. 🙂

    Praying for you dear friend! May you have joyful, peaceful days at home, sipping some fresh coffee, and listening to the birds sing. 🙂


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      Angel, I love that you enjoyed this post and found a few things useful. I *so* understand the struggle and “bravo” your efforts in choosing peace. I will definitely be listening to those sermons. I’ve been wanting to find some things on the topic so this is GREAT!!

      Also, I just got your lovely card in the mail yesterday. Thank you SO much! it really came at the perfect time for me and was a sweet encouragement and joy to find in the mailbox.

      You are a blessing to me!!

      Love and blessings to you!

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    What a good post Frannie. Even at my ‘advanced’ age I still need reminders about not finishing up in a twisted tangle. Today,before I read your post, I decluttered and rearranged my bedroom cupboards, and felt immediately better!
    I do hope you are through the sad/bawling days and new days are on the horizon.

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      Miss Barbara, it sounds like you had a very productive, good day. Good for you! 🙂 I understand ending up in a “twisted tangle” — I love that phrase you used and plan to do so myself.

      Thank you for your sweetness … I do think the sad days are diminishing as I grow and move on!

      Love and blessings to you!

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    Oh!! This is one of my very favorites and I needed this today! I think I need to read this one every day until I get things under control in my house and life. You are always such a blessing and inspiration to me my friend! Love you!

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