Embracing Pain // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

I haven’t got a lot to share lately, some days I feel like a washed up conch shell in the Caribbean, dry and bleached from the sun.

We’re having good days. Uriah is growing well. Yesterday, he tried to turn his head back and forth during tummy time; the only thing holding him up was the trach tube. He’s such a darling boy. And Dalton and I are well — it’s a hard thing being separated every week with hours between us. But we find ways to bond and eagerly await being home together soon.

Healing is coming to our family; I’m growing through the pain. I’m becoming okay with the unfairness I struggle with and I’m seeing more beauty than loss these days. I’m especially learning to embrace the hurt of our season and grow through it.

(In)courage has a beautiful post. Follow this link for encouragement with your morning coffee.

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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    Dear Frannie, the pain you are feeling is normal. You would not be human if you didnt rage against the unfairness sometimes. Just try not to internalise it, but let it out. Scream?! Talk about it, pray about it.
    It will pass.
    Love, Barbara

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