Enduring Discipline as a Christian // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello, sweet folk and welcome to another Friday coffee meeting between your hearts and mine.

Hebrews has been my current morning Bible read; the 12th chapter of this great book has specifically been calling my attention.

Coffee Minute with You

For too many years Hebrews 12:1-13 brought me grief and anguish. Why? Because I misunderstood the word endure. I had this idea that to endure meant I had to literally hang on to my faith while God inflicted every sort of punishment He could imagine.

And, I mean, who could withstand that?

I’ve lived years believing that my survival depended on my being able to wait out God’s mighty hand of discipline … and that led to years of fretful discouragement and fear.

But I was wrong. So incredibly wrong.

God has already dealt the final punishment for sin on His Son, Jesus Christ. The discipline I deserve was placed onto the perfect Lamb of God.

This is good news!!

I was right … if the final punishment for sin were to be on my shoulders I could not endure. Praise God, though, Jesus took my place!

When I finally understood this vital information my heart leapt! To endure discipline doesn’t mean I have to work to keep my salvation and God’s approval. It simply means that I will experience discipline, and because God is a good Father, I will experience His discipline throughout my life when I choose sin.

But His discipline isn’t something that will crush or destroy me.

It’s just enough that, when it is finished, will yield holiness and the peaceable fruit of righteousness! Isn’t that just beautiful, sweet people?

Ah … you cannot imagine the joy and freedom this gift of understanding has been to me. Thank You, Father, for showing me your love and goodness and setting me free from this bondage of fear! You are so good!

Sweet friends, how are you doing? Are you going through a time of discipline? Or are you enjoying the benefits the discipline brought? Let’s grow together in grace and community and share our hearts.

With so much love, blessings and (sugar donut flavored!) coffee, 🙂


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