Falling for Fall

I know, I know . . . there’s still lots of time before the leaves begin their annual change and the weather turns frosty but how can I help it? The weather is 5 degrees cooler than normal, we’ve had rain the last two days, and the whole land seems to be calling out for Fall time pleasure. And so, I begin looking at autumn crafts and DIY projects. I am especially interested in crafts and decoration that are easy to make and affordable. I have spent too much of my youth (doesn’t that make me sound old?) drooling over adorable JoAnns décor or yummy holiday foods without trying to reproduce. So my #1 place for all these adorable pictures and ideas? Happy Home Fairy—my mom stumbled across Julie’s site recently and since then various phrases like “oh, isn’t that cute?” or “uh! We could make that!” and of course a few “ooo’s” have been escaping our mouths. For example, this craft from Woman’s Day magazine is super easy and adorable. All that’s needed? Styrofoam wreath, hot glue gun, black duct tape, candy corn, and ribbon. How easy (and affordable) is that? Find it here I’m also going to try and leave (Hee hee, indeed, the pun was intended) leaves around for certain special members to find. The Happy Home Fairy did this for her hun and received a great response! clip_image002 You should visit this link to read her story . . . . what a thoughtful way to show your love! 🙂 Finally, one last fall-ish desire of mine? To bake cookies . . . lots of cookies. I am super excited to be attending a Bible camp sometime next week. In celebration of such a long drive (MO to PA) and in order to carry my load I am *planning* on baking 8 dozen cookies. Perhaps for all you bakers and mommies out there 96 cookies is kid’s stuff; however, for me, the ready-to-be-done-two-dozen-cookies-ago baker, this will be a job. Therefore, I am so glad to be using two reliable recipes which seem hold well and disappear quickly! But to get those recipes? Well . . . you’ll just have to come a visitin’ sometime later this week! God bless you, dear friends in Christ! Wishing you an early, colorful, and wonderfall August! Frannie

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