Feminine Farmgirl Challenge~ Day Three & Four

Greetings my sisters in Christ! Today has been a blessed and adventurous one for us Halberts. . .we worked in our garden! We haven’t done many gardens before and we are looking with great anticipation for the fruits of our labor. How exciting! We’ve battled roots, weeds, and just a moment ago Momma faced her most feared nemesis. . .a snake! 🙂 I think it got away, but not without a few scars and scares (I’m sure we frightened it as much as it did us!) :o) It has been such a blessing to work in God’s creation and I want to thank and praise Him for His marvoulous handiwork. Truly, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Psalms 19:1
 Well, my purpose for this post is to show my outfits for Feminine Farmgirl’s April challenge. Ever since I became convicted to wear modest clothes I’ve struggled between wearing practical and feminine clothes. (Momma’s been trying to tell me that!) I have found this challenge very helpful because it has reminded me that God desires us girls to be feminine. (I knew that, but was having a difficult time applying it :). I think this challenge has helped me become more mindful of how feminine and modest I can be. I’m excited as God takes me down this new path!

Day Three:
Yesterday I wore one of my favorite jumpers which Momma and I (mostly Momma 🙂 made. It is a blue jumper with light blue flowered print and at the moment is pared with slippers :). Yesterday I spent alot of time studying and then both Momma and I went to two of our classes.
Day Four:
Today I wore a white blouse with light pink flowers which we bought from Dress Barn while visiting Pennsylvannia. Underneath the blouse I wore a pink shell. I was very blessed by finding this jean skirt which I didn’t think fit any more. Praise the Lord it does! I’m also wearing a  pair of leather sandals which I’ve deemed work shoes. Since I have worn jumpers and skirts I have rarely felt constricted or unable to do certain things. Today we worked in the garden and I found wearing a skirt did not hinder me at all, infact I think it may have kept me cooler!
I hope you all have a blessed night. Let’s keep pressing higher dear sisters!
 Because of Him,

4 thoughts on “Feminine Farmgirl Challenge~ Day Three & Four

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    I love your blouse in the second photo! I'm always on the lookout for pretty feminine blouses. 🙂

    When I read about the snake I couldn't help but feel a tad sorry for it… 🙂 But then again if I had faced it those feelings would probably be nonexistent. 😀


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    Lovely outfit!! I love your skirt. Denim skirts are so practical and easy to wear. Can't have enough of them!

    Very nice blog!!!!!

    In Christ Alone,
    Sarah -from Country Musings

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    Thank you all for commenting! 😀

    ~To Sarah- thank you. I have really enjoyed denim skirts lately. Have a blessed day! By His grace, Frannie Halbert

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